Crazy Salt on Avocado Toast

Your Avocado Toast Just Got a Lot More Exciting

Katherine Loffreto

This easy and simple twist on a breakfast classic is just what you need to pull yourself out of those morning dull drums. Avocado Toast with Cherry Tomato and Nice Olive Oil is your ticket to breakfast heaven.

Avocado toast is one of those things – it’s good again and again, but eventually, you need to change things up a bit. By adding a little sliced cherry tomato, a drizzle of olive oil, and a sprinkling of Crazy Salt, it becomes a whole new thing you’ll fall in love with all over again. If you don’t already know about Lafayette Spices Crazy Salt, you’re in for a real treat. It’s totally packed with flavor – smoky, spicy, herbaceous, and just a touch of sweetness. In short, it’s absolutely addictive and works well with so many things.

The “recipe” for this tasty treat really couldn’t be easier. In fact, there is no recipe at all. The beauty of the dish comes from the quality of the ingredients. We like to start with really good bread. This could be a nice sourdough or whole wheat or even rye. We’ve found that the heartier country style loaves work better. Something that will stand up to toasting and give you a nice crunch and a little chew. Instead of toasting the bread in a toaster or broiler, use a pan with a little olive oil or even butter to give the bread a really nice deep crunch. Take your time, and don’t rush this part. Then, it’s time for the avocado. Be sure to pick a nice ripe avocado, but not too soft. We’ve found that Haas works great and has a really fantastic nutty flavor with good fat content. Remove the skin and slice it thinly. Or, if it’s easier, slice it with the skin on and then scoop out the good stuff. Spread it out evenly over your warm toast.

At this point, it’s a good idea to give the avocado a little pre-seasoning. Grind a little Crazy Salt over the top – not too much because we’re going to add a little more later. Now it’s time to slice the tomatoes! We used cherry tomatoes, but use whatever is in season and will taste best. In the summer, find a farmers market to get juicy heirlooms just picked from the farm. In the off season, cherry tomatoes or small greenhouse “on the vine” tomatoes tend to have the best flavor. Choose wisely! A flavorful ripe tomato makes all the difference! Adorn your sliced avocado with the tomato and prepare to oil. The oil here is very important – it’s going to add some fat and flavor to the sliced tomatoes. Choose a nice full bodied extra virgin olive oil for this part – you’ll appreciate the attention to the detail. Give your sliced tomatoes a generous drizzle with the olive oil. No need to be neat here, slosh it over the whole thing.

Finally, it’s time for one last seasoning with the Crazy Salt. Remember, you’ve already seasoned the avocado, so this final step is just to season the tomatoes – don’t overdo it. Grind a few spins over the top, and voila, it’s done! Enjoy! You should be biting into an amalgam of crunchy warm toasted bread, fatty rich nutty avocado, sweet juicy ripe tomato, fragrant olive oil, and smoky herbaceous crunchy sea salt. Enjoy friend, you’re about to tuck into the tastiest breakfast around.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes our Crazy Salt just so darn tasty… This intensely flavored (and colored) salt is from Guerande France, a city on the western coast of the country – known for its salt marches. In these marches, salterns have been built, where workers collect up to 15,000 tons of cooking salt each year and approx. 300 tons of fleur de sel or “flower of salt” per year. The process is quite simple, tides feed the water reservoirs with sea water, where it gets trapped and begins to evaporate. That process of evaporation continues until there are only a few centimeters of sea water left. Ultimately, the salt crystalizes and produces fleur de sel and coarse salt. After collection, the salt is seasoned with pink and black peppercorns, thyme, chili, cumin, and coriander. It’s got toothsome crunchy crystals, and a flavor that just keeps on going. These added spices launch the flavor profile into the stratosphere. Seriously, this is some complex flavor chemistry here folks.

It's a long process, but it’s absolutely worth it to bring you something so delicious. The versatility of the Crazy Salt is one of its most endearing aspects. The possibilities are endless! Once you start using Crazy Salt – you won’t be able to stop!