These are large salt crystals that form a three-dimensional pyramid shape after a process of agitation.

They are textually a perfect finisher, and pair with a slice of perfectly roasted beef or pork as well as a rich chocolate dessert!

ATTRIBUTES: Natural pyramid shape, exquisite texture, crunchy

ORIGIN: Cyprus

PACKING SIZE: 19.40 oz. (1000 ml Jar)

Pyramid Salt

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Buy Pure Flakes of Pyramid Salt!

These large salt crystals have a perfect taste and texture that notch up the taste of all roasted meats and chocolaty desserts alike. The naturally procured and processed salt is free of artificial additives. It has a sharp taste as it has not been mixed or tempered with. Show More

The pyramid salt, unlike most salts, does not have anti-caking agents so that your soups, spaghetti, and stews taste even more delicious with the pure salt.

Season Your Salads with the Crunchy Pyramids of Salt

Sprinkle your salads with the pyramid salt that gives it a crunchy, salty, and delicious taste. The pyramid-shaped flakes have a sharp and pure taste that must be sprinkled lightly to achieve a delicate taste. The ideal finishing salt gives a noticeably salty flavor to all the cooked meals. Shop the perfectly textures pyramid salt and enjoy health and taste!

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