You’ve never experienced salts like this – flavors, textures, and colors that will elevate your cuisine.

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Salts Kit That Bottle Up The Earthy Flavors!

Salt is an essential ingredient for all cuisines as it enhances the flavors. What looks like a simple ingredient to you is harvested through complicated processes to bring you high-quality salts that produce a flavorful meal. Show More

You can fill up your kitchen racks with salts that are collected from the shores around the world and that each has its own unique flavor. The taste gurus are able to detect the subtle differences between these salts, but for the rest, the varying texture and colors can help.

Use our fragrant and versatile blends of the sea for cooking wonderful dishes that win over people. The lovely shades of pink and red enhance your dishes with earthy flavors and tones.

Bring the Tastes of the World on Your Table with Our Salt Kit

Salts have to be used with care as salts of poor quality, and their overuse can cause severe health issues. The Lafayette salt kits bring your health and taste together in the kit that comprises four salts, which include:

  • Pink Himalayan Salt with its stunning color and high mineral content
  • Cabernet Salt which has beautiful purple hues and intense cabernet wine flavor
  • Fleur de Sel, which comes straight from the South of France and is Crispy and crunchy
  • Beechwood Smoked Salt which is naturally smoked for ten days