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Unveil the Boldness of Flavor

Are you on the hunt for a seasoning that doesn't just add flavor, but practically throws a flavor fiesta on your plate? Say hello to our Fermented Green Peppercorns, available for you to explore and enjoy through the convenience of spices online.

These peppercorns aren't just an ingredient – they're a statement. Each tiny gem packs a punch that'll make your palate do a double-take. From the moment they touch your dish, a symphony of tastes and aromas is unleashed.

These peppercorns don't just enhance flavors; they create a spicy, salty, vegetal flavor frenzy that leaves your senses begging for more. Get your hands on these peppery sensations and let the feast begin!

Buy Fermented Green Peppercorns Online at Lafayette Spices
Buy Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds Online at Lafayette Spices

Wasabi + Sesame Seeds + Japan = Flavor Fusion!!

Our Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds are the latest sensation that's spreading like wildfire through kitchens everywhere! These little seeds are like the adventurous cousin of regular sesame seeds – they decided to go on a thrilling world tour and picked up some seriously sassy “Wasabi” flavors along the way.

Crafted through the traditional Japanese method of soaking and toasting, these sesame seeds infused with the essence of wasabi offer more than just spiciness – they deliver an unparalleled level of crispiness.

One take, you're greeted with the zing of wasabi, followed by the nutty embrace of sesame. They are not your typical sesame seeds, but that's because they've been busy mingling with spicy wasabi and nutty goodness. Buy spices online and prepare to fall in love with snacking all over again, one delectable bite at a time!


Ticket to the Yuzu-Sesame Online Japanese Spices Party!

Introducing Toasted Yuzu Sesame Seeds - Zest, Crunch, and a Whole Lotta Yuzu Zing! Our sesame seeds are toasted to perfection and then infused with the vibrant essence of yuzu.

Whether you're jazzing up your salads, sprinkling some flair on your ramen, or simply adding topping to your roasted chicken, these seeds are your culinary sidekicks. Don't let your taste buds wait any longer. Buy spices online now and get your hands on these flavor-packed gems. 

Let your kitchen be the stage for a taste revolution! Your meals will thank you, and your taste buds? Well, they'll be dancing the conga in pure delight! Click now and witness the flavor tango with Toasted Yuzu Sesame Seeds!

Buy Toasted Yuzu Sesame Seeds Online at Lafayette Spices