Flavor Lover: THIS is the Black Friday deal you’ve been waiting for!

This is a big deal! We are discounting all our 100 ml salts for the holiday and we’re introducing eight new fantastic salts to our portfolio. That’s a total of 14 incredible salts to spruce up your winter dishes. Be inspired and get creative!




Hearty Braises and Roasted Meat

Colder weather is the perfect time for long slow braises and roasted meats! Use these intense peppercorns and finishing salts for your rich winter dishes.


Homey Winter Desserts!

Roasted apples, chocolate lava cake, and citrus fruits... These are the seasonings you should be using to kick up your fall-winter pastry game!


Roasted Autumn Vegetables

There’s nothing better than hearty roasted vegetables in the cold weather months – no meat needed! These spices are going to make vegetable focused dishes the star of the show, guaranteed!


Fresh Herbs and Spices Make Delicious Choices

Lafayette Spices brings you pantry essentials that make a delicious addition to your kitchen. These spices assure you flavors that make each of your meals chef-made tasty! Our herbs and spices are a result of an extensive search for the unique flavors of the world.

We stock fresh herbs and spices that retain their pleasant and aromatic smell. Each bottle of spice and herbs opens up to reveal its story through the rich smell and prepares a meal perfectly proportioned with flavor, history, and mouth-watering goodness.

All Spices

Salt up Your Meals with Lafayette Salt Kits

Salt is an essential that is part of every cuisine in the world. Replace your iodized or Kosher salts with our salt kits that elevate the taste and are healthy to consume. From Pink Himalayan salt to Cabernet Salt, we offer you a wide variety of salts of all colors, shapes, and sizes from around the world to surprise your taste buds! Our exquisite collection of kitchen spices are meant to give you a reason to cook every day!

Rub Those Ribs A Little More With the Roasted Meat Spices!

Lafayette brings you roasted meat spices that are perfect for spicing up your occasions with delicious steaks, chicken, pork, and lamb. All our cooking spices are free of additional coloring or preservatives that are harmful. Any recipe is incomplete without the use of the right spices. Buy perfectly textured and tasteful herbs and spices from Lafayette to make mealtimes more fun.

Buy Thanksgiving Spices to Enrich Your Festive Occasions More

We bottle up the flavors of the world to bring them all to your table fresh and delicious! The smoky meat spices make your meaty meals a sumptuous treat. Apart from being the perfect cooking solutions, the flavorful thanksgiving spices make you live your meaningful moments to the fullest.

TheTasteful Salad Spices

We have a range of salad and vegetable spices that help you prepare delicious and filling salads. Being free from additives,colors, and preservatives, these spices are fresh and healthy. Salads are more than just tomatoes and cucumbers. Enliven them with the use of salad spices and seasonings to enjoy the medley of exotic flavors.

Best Dessert Spices to Soothe Your Sweet Tooth

Buy the baking essentials and spices to warm up your baked goods with sweet and delicious flavors. These have a longer shelf life and retain their flavors for the longest of time. Stock up your pantry with these flavorsome and fresh desserts and fruit spices that are every sweet lover’s dream. Apart from cakes, cookies, pies, and puddings, we have spices for French toast as well. Bake or cook whatever dessert you want to, you will find these dessert spices to be complete and essential for tweaking up the flavors.

Enjoy Savory Cocktails with the Exquisite Drink Spices

Craving a chilled hibiscus tea or simmering hot apple cider?Lafayette has a huge collection of blends, sugars, and whole drink spices to whet your palate. Switch up your coffee routine with a hint of cinnamon or savor a chai-spiced milkshake, we have all the right ingredients to help you infuse your drinks with goodness.

Fill up your spice rack with all the Lafayette spices and herbs that make every mealtime tasty and a simple tea divine. Buy fish spices, bbq spices, or any kitchen spice to take your food to new heights of taste.

All our adventurous cooks will find Lafayette a spices haven with all the authentic, vibrant, diverse, and exotic spices. Kick up your cooking game with spices that are fresh and free of color preservatives that are unhealthy and dangerous to consume. Find high-quality pure spices at Lafayette.