Pink Peppercorn Recipes and Benefits You Need To Know

Easy Pink Peppercorn Recipes and Benefits You Need To Know

Chef Taylor Knapp

Looking for a pepper other than your regular black peppercorn? Pink Peppercorns it is.

A delicious berry-like pepper is ready to fill your dishes with fruity goodness.

Flavorwise this pepper has so much to offer, complementing both your sweet and savory dishes.

Pink peppercorn is frequently misinterpreted. Many people confuse it with the black pepper they use every day. But it's not the same thing.

And now we'll expose you to the Pink Peppercorn benefits and culinary magic.
Pink Peppercorns are here to spice up your seasoning collection.


What is Pink Peppercorn?

You might well be surprised now. Pink peppercorns aren't genuinely pepper!

Pink Peppercorns basically dried berries from the Peruvian and Brazilian pepper trees. They truly belong to the cashew family. That means that anyone who is allergic to cashews should avoid them.

They resemble black pepper in form and size. However, in terms of flavor, they are something extraordinary, distinctive, and quite tasty.

Pink peppercorns are currently one of the culinary world's hottest performers. It imparts a distinct flavor to everything you'd normally season with black pepper.

They are tenacious and powerful taste warriors. Those who have only experienced black pepper before may be surprised by its exquisite fruitiness.

On the palate, this peppercorn boasts lingering woodsy and juniper berry notes. We're thrilled to highlight it in our article because of the great taste this ingredient shares.

The peppercorn is referred to as the King of Spices. And it is, in fact.

Pre-ground black pepper is commonly seen in American kitchens. That had already lost its luster.

Your taste bud never lived, if you've never tried anything other than black peppercorns. It's time to get out there and live!

We are constantly comparing pink peppercorns to black peppercorns. Let's have a look at what distinguishes them.

Pink Pepper vs Black Pepper:

  • Pink peppercorns' flavor is identical to black peppercorns. But they're gentler, sweeter, and more fruity.
  • There is no heat like black peppercorns.
  • Pink peppercorns are not real peppercorns, but rather ripe berries.
  • Although they seem like cousins. But genetically, pink peppercorn is more related to the cashew family than to the pepper spice.


What is the flavor of a Pink Peppercorn?

Buy fresh dried pink peppercorns with a sweet fruity flavor

Flavorwise Pink peppercorn stands out from other peppercorns in a big way. Spicy is one of the first things that comes to mind when we hear the name pepper. 

The pink Peppercorn, however, is entirely different. They are so dang sweet and delicious that they'll go great with your dessert.

Unlike black pepper, Pink Peppercorn adds a different kind of heat. It shares a somewhat similar peppery bite, but it is concealed by a sweet, fruity flavor. 

The flavor profile is similar to the Juniper berry. There are also hints of woodsy notes and earthy forest flavors. 

Due to their delicate nature, Pink Peppercorns should never be ground. They’re too soft for the grinder. It is better to use them as a whole as a stunning garnish. Alternatively, coarsely crush them to release their beautiful aromas.

Can we eat raw Pink Peppercorn?

the pink peppercorns from Peruvian pepper trees are 100 percent edible

Not only can we eat raw pink peppercorns, but it’s actually preferred! 

The flavor of the pink peppercorn is sweet and pine-like. It can be quite delicate when compared with its much spicier black peppercorn cousins. 

Therefore, it’s recommended that you don’t cook with pink peppercorns at all. 

Their nuanced flavors would be masked. And the bright pink outer husks would likely deteriorate and not be quite as boldly colored. 

Instead, use Pink Peppercorn to finish a dish. Sprinkle a pinch over the food just before serving.

How to use Pink Peppercorns?

Pink peppercorns, like any other pepper, have a variety of applications.  And not only on the culinary parts. It can also be used in many different ways.

It should be used sparingly when fruity, floral, and of course woodsy flavors are needed. However, like with any spice, if you overdo it, you risk ruining the entire dish.

Before we dive into the applications, it's worth noting that they offer a lot of flavor for relatively low calories. So, if you like the flavor, savor them for that reason simply.

Pink peppercorn taste complements a wide range of cuisines. It is commonly used to prepare fish or chicken. This pepper goes well with almost any vegetable or in a stir-fry. Its adaptability makes it an ideal option for use before, after, or even while cooking.

Pink peppercorn is frequently combined with other flavors to add depth to a meal. Due to its fruity yet spicy flavor, it blends well with other flavors.

Pink Peppercorn Dessert Recipes:

This bizarre ingredient has equally strange applications. Have you ever had pepper on your dessert? So now you know. 

Pink peppercorns can be sprinkled over the dessert. The addition of red berry-like fruit to the dessert adds a pleasant fruitiness.

Just picture whole Pink peppercorns sprinkled atop crème brulee with sugared raspberries or with freshly cut strawberries and vanilla panna cotta. Chefs kiss!

Here are some other ideas for desserts with Pink Peppercorns:

  • Top a Chocolate Pudding or Ice Cream:

Chocolate is just one of those things that go well with everything. But a little pop of extra flavor goes a long way. 

For an added boost of flavor, top your next bowl of chocolate ice cream with a few crumbled pink peppercorns. 

The pops of sweet juniper will bring out the rich chocolate flavors. 

  • Garnish a Sweet Dessert Cocktail:

Garnish a Sweet Dessert Cocktail with a few pink peppercorns to add a delicious element to your creation

The next time you cozy up for an evening nightcap, try adding a special touch with a few Pink Peppercorns! 

They act as a beautiful garnish. Also, add a delicious element to your creation.

They’d be stunning in a fizzy champagne spritz. Or a boozy Manhattan. Or even a sweet espresso martini!

  • Dress Up Your Birthday Cake:

Rose and pink peppercorns give the cake a unique flavor that surprisingly works very well together match made in heaven

This year, instead of sprinkles, reach for the Pink Peppercorns instead! 

These all-natural bright red pearls will give you a burst of flavor no sprinkle could ever provide. Guests will love the thoughtful and eye-catching touch.

Top Benefits of Using Pink Peppercorns

Pink Peppercorns are certainly tasty, but they’re also totally good for you! Let’s take a quick look at what exactly makes them so healthy. 

  • Full of Antioxidants:

Pink Peppercorns occasionally get touted as a superfood. But the jury is still out on that. Mostly because it hasn’t been studied enough. 

What we do know though is that Pink Peppercorns are packed with antioxidants. A perfect ingredient if you’re looking to boost your immune system. 

  • Antibacterial Essential Oil:

Studies suggest that Pink Peppercorns are higher than most other peppercorns in essential oils. It fights and prevents certain bacteria from forming in the body. We’d say that’s a good thing! 

  • Lowering Your Blood Sugar:

Adding Pink Peppercorns to your diet has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in certain studies. 

That’s a good thing. 

Because they can be a sweet treat all on their own.  As well as helping diabetic patients in controlling their blood sugar levels!

  • Time to Relax:

Pink pepper can be applied topically to cleanse the skin and ease aches and pains. It also encourages good breathing and lessens tension. 

Pink Pepper essential oil works in healing the mind, health and boosting positive well-being.

  • Calm your stomach:

Pink pepper is great for gastrointestinal problems. When you have stomach pain, pink pepper oil can help. Apply immediately to the affected area with carrier oil.

In a veggie capsule, combine 1 to 2 drops of essential oil with vegetable oil. You can get the treatment you need by swallowing it.

  • As your homemade fragrance:

Some of us like mixing and combining perfumes to create unique fragrances. Have you tried the essential oils of pink peppercorn? These homemade concoctions are calming and fragrant, plus they are completely natural.

Pink pepper, which is included in the scent, adds a spicy kick. Changing the scent profile totally. If you want, add some pink pepper to your floral oils.

Is Pink Peppercorn Expensive?

Within the realm of spice prices, no, Pink Peppercorns are not expensive. 

They’re not amongst the cheapest – like ground black pepper and paprika. But they’re also nowhere near the cost of things like saffron and vanilla beans. 

They probably fall somewhere in the middle. 

When purchasing Pink Peppercorns, it’s very important to consider the source.

Make sure you’re buying from a reputable buyer with fresh stock. 

Like all spices, Pink Peppercorns will degrade in quality the older they are.

Where can you buy Pink Peppercorns online?

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Pink Peppercorns can easily be found online and can be purchased from a multitude of sources.

A simple Google search will reveal several options. 

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Final Words:

The usage of pink peppercorns is seemingly endless. While we've given you the most popular ways to use pink pepper on your journey. There are plenty of others. You should absolutely include this in your seasoning inventory. You'll always find a reason to use it.

So go ahead and buy these beautiful pink peppercorns from them. You will surely make the finest culinary use of it.