Lafayette Spices has a long rich history of going to great lengths to source the world’s finest spices. These are salts, peppercorns, herbs & blends procured with a purpose. Whether it’s a crack of peppercorn over a home cooked meal, or the careful placement of fine sea salt at a Michelin starred restaurant, Lafayette Spices is here to bring you extraordinary quality, year round.

Our story begins in 1970’s France – a small company that has always had an intense passion for flavor and a drive for quality. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find we have that same inspiration fueling our efforts. We search the cracks and crevices of the Earth for seasonings that have been around since the beginning of time, but have alluded us for centuries.

Through our parent company, Flavour Fields®, we have been ingrained in the culinary world for decades. While working with chefs and home cooks we realized that spices and salts were either cheap and low in quality or decent in quality but financially out of reach.

We are a small enough company to not have huge overhead and large enough to buy directly from the farmer (vs a third party). Our exclusive relationship with these small farmers results in exclusive high quality products with an unparalleled price point.

Time honored techniques of sourcing intersect with state of the art finishing and quality control checkpoints. This ensures that the ingredients you use are fresh, safe, and flavorful. These are seasonings with a rich history, and a story – and we’re delighted to bring them to your table.


Flavour Fields

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