Buy online a variety of BBQ spices, salts, herbs, & peppercorns from Lafayette Spices.

You are not sure what it is, but know in your heart that it just needs an extra pop of flavor? We’ve got your solution right here! It’s our line of BBQ Spices!

Salts, peppercorns and blends that will give you that special touch to kick your BBQs up a few notches, guaranteed! You’ll be amazed at how it transforms an average dish into something really extraordinary.

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BBQ spices: your partner to perfection

Although some foods don’t need much to shine, some meats love swimming in bbq spices. These blank canvases can transform into succulent, mouth-watering meats that will have everyone fancying more and more. Lafayette Spices brings forth wide-ranging bbq spices that have the ability to make you the guru of barbequing. Gathered from all corners of the world, these authentic spices offer long-lasting, intense smoky flavor to your barbeque. These bbq spices are like an orchestra of flavors that have every note in them to deliver a perfect harmony. These will cut your cooking time in half, and the turn out will be beyond your expectations. Show More

Get your hands on our Chicken Wing Spices!

Everything feels better with flawlessly cooked and seasoned chicken wings, which is now possible with Lafayette Spices’ chicken wing spices. Although being a common dinner staple, none grows tired of chicken wings, especially when made with our unique blend of spices that offer a taste unmatched by any other.

Lafayette’s Bbq Spices for sale

Cooking may be the very last thing on your mind with a busy schedule, but with Lafayette bbq spices for sale, this too can become a pleasurable chore. We have made things easier for you so that all you have to do is season your meat with our spices and leave them on the griller for delectable results.