It is reputed for its intense flavors and woody notes.

The berries* harvested by hand are ripened on the vine longer than usual, preserving the peppercorn’s light red color. These peppercorns are a great choice for grilled vegetables, any type of meat, and game.

AROMA: Earthy, woodsy

ORIGIN: Madagascar

PACKING SIZE: 1.78 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 5.60 oz. (330 ml Jar)

*The shape and size of this Peppercorn may vary depending on harvest

(Grinder sold separately)


What is Wild Peppercorn?

Wild Peppercorns aka our Wild Tailed Peppercorns are an extraordinary and rare spice that has a captivating history and unique flavor profile. As its name suggests, this peppercorn can only be found in the wild, making it a prized addition to any spice collection.

The appearance of Wild Peppercorn is striking and distinctive. It consists of small pear-shaped bulbs attached to a single thin stem, creating a beautiful and natural presentation that transports you to the heart of the wild.

History of Wild Tailed Peppercorns

The history of wild-tailed peppercorns, also known as Voatsiperifery, is deeply rooted in the island nation of Madagascar. The term "Voatsiperifery" itself has a fascinating etymology. In the local Malagasy language, "Voa" means fruit, and "tsiperifery" refers to the plant that produces these peppery berries. Hence, the name literally translates to "fruit of the tsiperifery plant."

These peppercorn-bearing plants can grow incredibly tall, reaching heights of up to 10 meters. 

The Wild Tailed Peppercorns are a rare and sought-after variety of pepper. Harvesting this wild pepper plant is an art in itself. The berries are only collected during the height of summer when they are perfectly ripe and their aromas are at their peak. This period typically falls between June and August.

Once harvested, the peppercorns are laid out to dry in the scorching heat of the Madagascan sun. This drying process helps preserve their distinct flavor and aroma.

Upon drying, the wild-tailed peppercorns are ready for distribution worldwide. The rare and exquisite flavor of Voatsiperifery has gained popularity among gourmet chefs and culinary enthusiasts, making it a coveted ingredient in high-end cuisine.

Wild Pepper vs Sichuan Pepper

Wild Pepper and Sichuan Pepper are two distinct types of peppercorns. Each offers unique flavors and culinary applications. Let's explore the differences between them:

  • Wild pepper is native to the forests of Madagascar. Its berries grow at the top of tall vines.

Sichuan pepper, on the other hand, is native to China's Sichuan province. It is derived from the berries of several species of the Zanthoxylum genus.

  • Wild pepper from Madagascar is known for its earthy and woodsy flavor. It offers a unique combination of fruity and floral notes, with a mild peppery heat.

Sichuan pepper is famous for its distinct numbing sensation rather than traditional spicy heat. It has a tingling, numbing effect on the tongue and lips, which is the main characteristic of this pepper.

Wild Tailed Peppercorns Recipe

Are you ready to learn about the wild pepper menu? One popular way to use Wild Tailed Pepper is by cracking them over roasted duck or foie gras. The floral notes of this black pepper complement the rich and succulent flavors of the duck or foie gras, creating a harmonious blend that tantalizes the taste buds.

For meat lovers, Wild Tailed Peppercorns can work wonders on a fine piece of beef, such as wagyu ribeye or a slice of Mangalitsa pork. The peppercorns' complex flavors add depth to the meat, enhancing its natural taste and providing a gourmet experience.

Strongly flavored seafood like bluefish and mackerel can be transformed with a sprinkle of these peppercorns. The aromatic notes and mild peppery heat can elevate the taste of the fish, making it a memorable and enjoyable meal.

Now buy the Wild Peppercorns online from Lafayette Spices and explore the various ways you can use Wild Tailed Peppercorns to enhance your favorite recipes!

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Wild Tailed Peppercorns

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