Originates from the Kashmir region of India. Its rich iron content lends this salt its pink color by means of oxidation.

The high mineral content of this salt has made it a go-to for the health-conscious.

ATTRIBUTE: Rich in minerality.

ORIGIN:  Kashmir, India (Himalayas)

PACKING SIZE: 4.06 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 12.35 oz. (330 ml Jar) or 35.27 oz. (1000 ml Jar)

(grinder sold separately)


What is Pink Himalayan Salt Good for?

Pink Himalayan Salt is not just any salt, but a naturally pink-colored wonder from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This pink sea salt is packed with minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Plus, it's got a unique flavor that can add a little extra something-something to your dishes. The minerals it contains are believed to promote better hydration, balance your body's pH levels, and even aid in digestion. Not to mention, it's pretty pink color makes it an Instagram-worthy addition to any kitchen.

Pink Himalayan Salt for Cooking

With its stunning pink hue and rich mineral content, Pink Himalayan Salt is perfect for use in the kitchen. But can you cook with Himalayan salt, you ask? Absolutely! In fact, its unique pink salt flavor and texture make it ideal for use in all kinds of dishes.

From grating it over freshly sliced summer tomatoes to sprinkling it over hot buttered sweet corn, the possibilities are endless. And don't worry about the size of the crystals - just grind this beautiful Pink Himalayan Salt into a finer powder and mix it into your sauces and soups for an extra boost of the taste of Himalayas.

Where to buy all-natural Pink Himalayan Salt?

We have stocked up the all-natural Pink Himalayan salt for you. We source the highest quality salt from the Kashmir region of India to bring you a rock salt that's not only stunning to look at but also packed with minerals that your body craves.  Buy Pink Himalayan salt online and taste the difference!

BARCODE 330 ML: 3265360475214

BARCODE 1000 ML: 3265960416217

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Pink Himalayan Salt

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