An incredibly classy and delicious finishing salt.

True Cabernet wine is infused into each crystal, making them little flavor bombs.

Works well as a crunchy salt finish to sliced red meats, roasted vegetables, and sliced summer tomatoes.

FLAVOR: Salt, Cabernet wine

ORIGIN: France

PACKING SIZE: 9 oz. (300 ml Jar)

(Grinder sold separately)

Cabernet Salt (France)

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The Cabernet Salt from France is everything you need to top off your red meats, vegetables, and tomatoes. This french salt is infused with original cabernet wine that turns them into handy pockets of flavor: use it whenever you desire. This genuine article from Lafayette Spices is the ultimate weapon that needs to be in your culinary arsenal. Ever ready to instill mouth-watering flavors, the Cabernet Salt is your friend till the end of times. Shift your entire cooking perspective by adding this one ingredient to your cooking and witness it rock your world!

The combination of the sun and the sea: Salt, France

The Cabernet Salt from France is one such ingredient that inculcates something extra into everyday cooking and makes everyone wonder what your secret is. The particular character of salt is what makes it an integral part of cooking. Let Lafayette Spices add the missing ingredients to your artistic creations.