Translating to 'Flower of Salt', Fleur De Sel hails from Guérande France, and is known as the 'Caviar of Salts'.

The bright, white crystals are a complex balance of sea flavors and briny minerality, exclusively hand-harvested from select salt marshes. The finest salt in the world.

ATTRIBUTES: Exquisite texture and minerality.

ORIGIN: France (Guérande)

PACKING SIZE: 2.82 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 8.82 oz. (330 ml Jar) or 31.75 oz. (1000 ml Jar)

(Grinder sold separately for the 330 and 1000 ml Jar)


Think you know all there is to know about salt? Think again! Fleur de Sel is here to blow it all out of the water- quite literally. First of all, what is Fleur de Sel?? This salt is a rare sea salt – that can only be harvested from the coasts of France. Like certain cheeses and wines, it must be from a precise location and meet an exacting set of requirements to be considered Fleur de Sel.

There are two methods typically used to harvest salt for human consumption: mining and seawater evaporation. Mining involves digging deep into underground salt deposits that have been left by ancient saltwater lakes, rivers, and oceans. The salt can be dug out of the ground – much like coal or other minerals. It can also be removed through fracking, like oil, where water is pumped into the ground above a salt deposit, then the salt-infused water is pumped back out. Alternatively, salt can be harvested from ocean water through a collection and evaporation process. Fleur de sel production utilizes this procedure, but the process is much more time-consuming. It involves scooping thin sheets of salt that rise to the surface of shallow pools along the coast of France.

Because of the labor-intensive processes involved with harvesting Fleur de Sel, it is considerably rarer and, therefore, more expensive than the average table and sea salts. It forms naturally only under certain weather conditions and must be skimmed off the surface by hand – using special sieves. 

BARCODE 330 ML: 3265960477409

BARCODE 1000 ML: 3265960415029

Fleur de Sel (Guérande - France)

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