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Toasted Sesame Seeds, the best SECRET INGREDIENT you can have to elevate any dish!

Katherine Loffreto

By now, you’ve been thoroughly introduced to our line of Toasted Sesame Seeds. These are crispy crunchy sesame seeds coated in intense flavorings like Yuzu, Wasabi, Tex Mex, and Curry. In short, they’re delicious. Let’s dive into some of the ways you can create incredibly delicious recipes with Lafayette Spices Toasted Sesame Seeds!

One of the easiest and tastiest applications is salads! Use the toasted sesame seeds as a delicious salad topper. Because they’re already toasted, there’s no cooking necessary. Just sprinkle and chow down. We’d recommend sprinkling our Toasted Yuzu Sesame Seeds over an Asian bok choy salad with soy, ginger, and crushed peanuts – maybe a little sliced chicken breast?! Delish! In the same vein, the Wasabi Sesame Seeds would be fantastic sprinkled over a tuna poke salad. The Tex Mex Sesame Seeds would make a spectacular addition to a taco salad or chipotle chicken salad – don’t forget the black bean and corn salsa and tortilla strips! The Curry Sesame Seeds would be right at home over a chicken salad, or even mixed in! What a delightful little crunch of flavor!

Avocado with Toasted Sesame Seeds

Any one of these tasty morsels would be stupendous on a morning bagel. The crunchy little seeds stick perfectly to schmeared cream cheese and would be a delicious pop of color, texture and flavor. We’d pair the Yuzu with cranberry cream cheese. The Wasabi with scallion cream cheese. Curry with the sun dried tomato cream cheese, and Tex Mex with the jalapeno cream cheese.

For casual snacking, all of the flavors would be incredible sprinkled over a fresh hummus or any dip for that matter. What about a sprinkling over a bowl of warm buttery popcorn? Talk about taking movie night to the next level! All of these seeds would be right at home over the top of a creamy potato soup

Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds | Spices Lafayette

You could also choose to get a little fancy with your sesame seed applications. Our Toasted Sesame Seeds make it really easy to make a world class dish come alive. The Yuzu seeds would be transcendent when sprinkled on a fresh fluke crudo, or even topping a sweet sesame panna cotta. Not only are the Tex Mex seeds fantastic on salads, cold Asian noodles, soups (butternut squash) and even fried chicken! Of course, you could go with a more name worthy application too - Use them to garnish that taco al pastor, chicken mole, or even a slice of ultra-fresh pineapple. The bright yellow Curry seeds would be perfect for topping braised chicken or perhaps beef short ribs. They could even be used on a dessert, dotting fresh mango sorbet or a cake of sweet tamarind. And let’s not forget the Wasabi, one of our absolute favorites! 

Scallops with Toasted Sesame Seeds


Let’s not forget that you get to choose your sesame seeds! Why use plain old boring ones when the opportunity to use powerfully intense flavorful seeds are right at your fingertips? Never reach for the boring stuff again! Add flavor, crunch, and excitement to your cooking with Lafayette Spices Toasted Sesame Seeds. A flavor trip (around the world) every time!