Our Blue Persian Salt is 100% natural, sourced from ancient mines millions of years old, unlike counterfeit items infused with additives and artificial colors, aiming to enhance the blue hue.

This is a fabulous and rare salt. The natural inclusion of the minerals cobalt and iron give the salt its brilliant blue hue.

This Persian Blue salt pairs perfectly with desserts – particularly caramel and chocolate, but it can also be used with high end ingredients like foie gras and fresh seafood.

FLAVOR: Crunchy Salt, Heightened Minerality.

ORIGIN: Middle East

PACKING SIZE: 3.52 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 500 g (Kraft Bag)


History of Persian Blue Salt?

Blue Persian Salt is a rare and ancient type of salt that is extracted from salt ponds located in the Semnan province. Specifically, it is found in the Ergourz mountain range in Northern Iran. These salt ponds are not really ponds anymore, but rather fossilized crystals or gems that formed over 100 million years ago. It is fascinating to think that this salt has been around since the time of the dinosaurs!

The vivid blue color of Persian Blue Sea Salt comes from a mineral called Sylvinite, which is only found in halite salts. This color develops as the salt's crystalline structure forms under intense pressure from the salt deposits. The individual crystals refract light in a unique way, creating a visual effect that gives the salt its shimmering blue appearance.

Blue Salt: The Perfect Ingredient for Enhancing Your Culinary Creations

Blue Persian Salt is often used as a finishing salt, meaning it is sprinkled on dishes just before serving to enhance both the flavor and the appearance of the dish. In addition to its striking color, Blue Persian Salt is also packed with essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and iron.

Due to its rarity and the difficulty involved in extracting it, only a few tons of Blue Persian Salt are harvested each year, making it a highly prized luxury item.

Where to Buy Persian Blue Salt Online?

Blue Persian Salt products are available at Lafayette Spices. When purchasing Blue Persian Salt online, be sure to check the reviews and product descriptions carefully to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product.

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Blue Persian Salt

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