Five Peppercorn Mix is a mix of White, Black, Green, and Pink Peppercorns, as well as Mexican Allspice.

The perfect mix for all-purpose seasoning.

AROMA: Spicy and complex, fruity, earthy, and anise

ORIGIN: Asia & South America, crafted in France

PACKING SIZE: 1.72 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 4.59 oz. (330 ml Jar) or 5 pounds bag (lb.)

(Grinder sold separately for the 330 ml Jar)


What’s better than one delicious peppercorn? How about FIVE?! That’s right, five incredible, delicious peppercorns together in one stunning mix. What do we call it? Well, The Five Peppercorn Mix, of course! Could there be any other name? This tantalizing mélange comprises Black, White, Green, Pink Peppercorns, and Mexican Allspice. The Peppercorns all originate from Asia and South America. This mixture is the Rolls Royce of spice blends. It truly has everything. Hot spicy notes, bold umami flavors, rich nuances of red fruit and exotic spice, and so much more. When we say it has everything, we mean it!

But here’s the real question… what do you do with your new Five Peppercorn Mix?? The obvious answer is just about anything! The mixture does need to be ground, so it’s best to load it up into a spice grinder or grind small amounts in an electric grinder and store it in a salt or spice cellar. Because of its broad range of flavors, it’s perfect for both raw applications before cooking and for use as a finishing spice after the dish has been cooked. Try cracking some over a salad of spring lettuces with asparagus and goat’s cheese. Or a liberal sprinkling over a leg of lamb before roasting. The spiced nuances of the red peppercorn and the Mexican allspice perfectly suit game dishes like duck and venison. Additionally, the white Malabar and green peppercorns are fantastic with seafood. Crack some over a grilled filet of striped bass or a bowl of beer steamed mussels. You’re going to find yourself putting our Five Peppercorn Mix on everything! It’s just that good. Bon appetite!

BARCODE 330 ML: 3265960470677

BARCODE 5 LB: 3265960540066

Five Peppercorn Mix

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