The fruit of the pepper reaches about the size of a poppy seed. The fruit is embedded in the surface of a flower spike that closely resembles a hazel tree catkin.

It is a perfect pepper for grinding on salads, meats, and pâtés. It is also great for sautéed fruits like pineapples or mangoes.

AROMA: Spicy, hints of clove, cinnamon, and dried fruit, herbal

ORIGIN: Cambodia

PACKING SIZE: 1.53 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 4.20 oz. (330 ml Jar)

(Grinder sold separately for the 330 ml Jar)


What is Kampot Long Red Peppercorns?

Kampot Long Red Peppercorns are a type of premium peppercorns that originate from Cambodia. They are considered one of the most exotic and sought-after Red Peppercorns in the world.

Unlike the more common black and white peppercorns, Kampot Long Peppercorns are elongated, slender, and have a reddish-brown color. They have a distinctive flavor profile that sets them apart from regular black pepper. The taste is often described as spicy, with a combination of clove, cinnamon, and dried fruit, herbal.

What flavor is Kampot Long Peppercorn?

Kampot Long Peppercorn boasts a fascinating and complex flavor profile. It exhibits powerful and fruity aromas that unfold as you taste it. The taste is truly distinctive and evolves as you savor it. 

Initially, you'll notice notes of dried fruits like prune, fig, and dates, which provide a rich and deep sweetness. As you explore further, you'll encounter acidic notes of dried fruits such as currant, raspberry, and strawberry, adding a delightful tang to the overall experience.

There's a subtle sweetness like honey that adds a touch of indulgence. The peppery essence, though noticeable, is not overwhelming, and it offers a more intense spiciness compared to black peppercorns. However, the spiciness is described as having a pleasant zing rather than a fiery heat akin to jalapenos.

Why is Kampot Pepper the best?

Kampot long red pepper is considered the best for several reasons. The Kampot region in Cambodia provides exceptional growing conditions for pepper. The warm and moist climate, coupled with the abundance of quartz in the soil from the nearby Elephant Mountains, creates an ideal environment for long spices cultivation. These factors contribute to the pepper's distinctive flavor and aroma.

The region has a long history of pepper production dating back to the 13th century. The knowledge and techniques for growing and processing pepper have been passed down through generations, resulting in a deep understanding of the craft. This accumulated expertise ensures that the peppers are cultivated and harvested with care, preserving their quality.

The Kampot Pepper Producers Association (KPPA) oversees and inspects the pepper plantations in the region. They have designated Kampot pepper as a product with a Protected Designation of Origin, similar to Champagne. This means that only pepper grown in the Kampot region can be labeled as "Kampot pepper." This protection ensures that the unique characteristics and quality of long peppercorns are maintained, preventing inferior imitations from being sold as genuine Kampot pepper.

Where to buy Kampot Long Red Peppercorns?

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Kampot Long Red Peppercorns

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