Spices set from Lafayette Spices

With These Essential Spices, You’ll Be an Instant Kitchen Warrior!

Katherine Loffreto

We’ve all gotten them (and given them) those terrible gifts that no one really asked for. A new toaster, a compilation cd of terrible 90’s country music, an uncomfortable itchy sweater, and so many others. Most of us are just as guilty in giving these awful gifts are we are in receiving them with a faux smile and gratitude. We’re encouraging folks this year to give something with a little more pizazz – flavor if you will. A gift that both an amateur and novice home cook would love to receive. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be invited over for dinner and get to enjoy the gift as well!

You’ll find exactly that in the Essential Spices Set by Lafayette Spices. Having an essential set of spices in your kitchen is critically important for a developing home cook or chef – just as important as having flour, sugar, and olive oil hanging around at all times. You just know you’re going to need it. Our Essential Spices Set gives you those necessary seasonings in a tidy little bundle. The kit includes Pink Himalayan Salt – a delicious everyday salt with stunning pink color and high mineral content. Black Peppercorns Whole – the king of spices, your everyday pepper. And Herbes de Provence – an aromatic blend of Savory, Marjoram, Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano. With these essentials in tow, you’ll be able to create a culinary masterpiece any night of the week!

Our Pink Himalayan Salt is one of those things, once you’ve seen it and tasted it, you’ll never forget it. Regular everyday salts will seem “second rate” and boring! It really is a thing of beauty. Our 100% pure Pink Himalayan Salt originates from the Kashmir region of India and the Punjab region of Pakistan. Its iron rich content lends this salt its pink color by means of oxidation. This high mineral content of this salt has made it a go-to for the healthy conscious. You can grind this beautiful stuff onto nearly everything, but we recommend grating it over some freshly sliced summer tomatoes, or hot buttered sweet corn.

If there’s one spice that has infiltrated American kitchens more than any other, it has to be Black Pepper. It’s been in the hearts and kitchen cabinets of Americans for centuries! Our Black Peppercorns are sourced from Vietnam and Brazil – two very hot climates that produce outstanding peppercorn products. The intense heat and humidity provide the perfect atmosphere for intense flavor and unparalleled quality. The flavors are not single note at all, but instead a deeply layered symphony of nuances. Flavors vary from woodsy to sharp and piney, to dried tropical fruits. This is certainly not your average table pepper – that will become more apparent as your start seasoning! The intense spicy kick and bold flavors will certainly keep you coming back for more and you’ll start to notice some major differences in the complexity of your cooking.

Our Herbes de Provence is a flavor packed herb blend comes straight from France and is going to make your roasted meats, vegetables, soups and stews the talk of the town. No seriously. You’re not going to believe the transformation that boring roasted chicken is going to take. Prepare to transport yourself to the south of France – bon voyage! Herbes de Provence is best when cooked with. Cooking softens the rough leaves and allows the natural oils and aromas to come out. You can use it as a raw ingredient, but it’s best to blend it into a fine powder before doing so. This can be achieved in a blender or spice grinder.

With these three essentials at the ready, you’re going to be prepared to create just about anything the cookbook throws at you! Is it good to have a more developed spice cabinet? Absolutely! But not totally necessary. By contrast,  these essential seasonings are must-haves to have on hand at all times. Happy cooking!