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We are Crazy in Love with our Crazy Salt!

Katherine Loffreto

You’re not going to believe this, but we have in our arsenal one of the most versatile seasonings in the world. That’s right. One of those things that’s “good on everything” – but it actually is. Not many ingredients can make that claim, let alone a seasoning salt. But this stuff can. Of course, we’re referring to our very own Crazy Salt!

It’s one of those ingredients that’s just as at home on an expensive sliced piece of meat as it is sprinkled over some freshly grilled corn or even tossed with popcorn for movie night! It’s big and bold, but it’s also instantly crave able. We’re positive that they’re going to become your new favorite go to seasoning. Hot sauce is so 2000’s. It’s time to start spicing up your life for real!

Let’s dig into what makes this seasoning so special. The spice’s base is no joke – the intensely flavored (and colored) salt is from Guerande France, a city on the western coast of the country – known for its salt marches. In these marches, salterns have been built, where workers collect up to 15,000 tons of cooking salt each year and approx. 300 tons of fleur de sel or “flower of salt” per year. The process is quite simple, tides feed the water reservoirs with sea water, where it gets trapped and begins to evaporate. That process of evaporation continues until there are only a few centimeters of sea water left. Ultimately, the salt crystalizes and produces fleur de sel and coarse salt.

But that’s just the beginning! The salt is then seasoned with six (yes you read that right) powerful spices to give it that ultimate addicting flavor. First, crushed pink and black peppercorns are added. The pink peppercorns alone are a real thing of beauty. Not actually a peppercorn at all, but rather a berry from the shrub Schinus, more commonly known as the Peruvian peppertree. Initially, the flavor is quite sweet. Those hints of sweetness give way to a complex flavor profile of juniper and spruce, spiced woodsy notes, and earthy forest flavors. The black peppercorn used is amongst the best in the world – with a bold flavor and hints of fruit, cocoa, and woodsy spices. On a spice scale, the heat index is milder than the Tellicherry or Wynad pepper cousins. It does have a distinct kick that leaves a pleasant tingling zing.

To that already potent combo, four more spices are added: Thyme, Chili, Cumin, and Coriander. These powerful spices combine to create a blend that is not only super flavorful, but complex, satisfying, and delicious! The only remaining question is, what do you do with it? That answer is easy: just about anything you want. Let’s check out a few of our favorite combos…

First, meat! Crazy Salt is the perfect seasoning for both raw and cooked meats. Here’s an example... Pull that juicy ribeye from your refrigerator and bring it to room temperature. Season it liberally with Crazy Salt. Because the blend already contains pepper and other spices, there’s nothing else you have to add! It’s a one stop shop. Get that puppy on the fire and grill to your preferred temperature. Allow to rest so the juices can redistribute, then slice! Before digging in, be sure to season the cut slices with a little more Crazy Salt! This exact same procedure can be applied to just about any protein you can dream up! Pork chops, chicken, lamb, even whole fish! The Crazy Salt permeates for an unforgettable flavor bomb of an experience.

If veggies are more your thing – the Crazy Salt is your best friend! Summer veggies in particular. Sprinkle it on fresh summer tomatoes, squash, zucchini, and roasted sweet peppers. Don’t forget about the corn on the cob! The possibilities are endless! Once you start using Crazy Salt – you won’t be able to stop!