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Blue Persian Salt

Chef Taylor Knapp

And now for something completely different. An ancient salt with roots that date back millennia. Stunning hues of blue and aquamarine with a flavor profile that is clean, focused, and mineral. We’re talking about Blue Persian Salt – and it’s going to quickly become your new go to salt fascination! This outstanding exotic salt is sold solo, with a grinder and also part of our World Traveler Gift Box set.

Persian Blue Salt is one of the rarest and oldest salts on the planet – extracted from ancient salt ponds in the Semnan province. Specifically, the salt is found in the Ergourz mountain range – in Northern Iran. These salt ponds formed over 100 million years ago – and aren’t actually ponds anymore at all, but rather fossilized crystals, or gem. The ponds have all evaporated! It’s truly incredible to ponder the age of this salt – it was around with the dinosaurs!

The shocking blue color comes from a mineral called Sylvinite – a potassium mineral that is only present in halite salts. The color occurs during the forming of the salt’s crystalline structure, as intense pressure is exerted on the salt deposits. The individual crystals fracture the light in an unusual way creating an optical illusion that makes the salt appear more or less shimmering blue. The finished salt is full of nutrients, like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Amazingly, only a few tons of this precious salt are extracted each year – making it an incredibly rare luxury!

So now that you know all about the history of this incredible mineral, let’s talk about how you eat it! The Persian Blue Salt would be best used for finishing purposes. It’s subtle flavor nuances and blue color would be quickly devoured if it were used to cook with.

We would recommend grinding it over freshly sliced raw fish like fluke, tuna, or striped bass. It would make an incredible finish on seared foie gras, or even a slice of cold foie gras torchon. On the sweet side, the Blue Persian Salt would make a luxurious topper for a square of soft caramel, or a slice of juicy summer watermelon.

Regardless of how you choose to use the Persian Blue Salt, you can be sure that it’ll make any dish a flavorful masterpiece. The rich history and exquisite flavor will wow your guests and continue to be a go-to ingredient for years to come.