Spices Set fro Father's Day

The Dad’s Delicious Day Gift Set is your ticket to the best Father’s Day ever!

Katherine Loffreto

Father’s Day really snuck up on us this year. If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have no idea what you’re getting dad. The day can be a bit ambiguous. What do you get him? Will it be another tie? Perhaps a shaving accessory? A new bottle of cologne? None of those gifts are particularly personal and we can almost bet it’s not what dad really wants. Does the dad in your life like to cook? Or a better question… does he like to eat? We’d venture to say so! All dads do! We’ve got a gift that’s fresh, new, interesting, and delicious. It’s going to spice up your regular Father’s Day gift giving like never before. We’re of course talking about the Dad’s Delicious Day gift set! The box is packed with four tantalizing seasonings that the father in your life will totally drool over! Get the grill fired up and prepare to sprinkle some Beechwood Smoked Salt, Herbes de Provence Salt, Wild Tailed Peppercorns, and Fermented Green Peppercorns. Each savory spice will take his BBQ creations to a whole new level. Make this Father’s Day one to remember, and devour!

Let’s take a closer look at the seasonings included… Our Beechwood Smoked Salt is really something special. This is Pure French Guerande Sea Salt that has been gently smoked over beechwood for 10 days. While most other smoked salts are artificially sprayed with flavor – this Beechwood Smoked Salt remains totally natural, and incredibly intense. Because of the elongated processing technique, this salt has superior flavor and texture characteristics. Because of its intense smoky aroma and flavor, this salt is ideal for items that you’re not able to apply elongated amount of hot smoke to. Think delicately grilled scallops, oysters, and other shellfish. A little sprinkling on grilled corn and other summer veggies would also be an excellent way to utilize this smoky powerhouse salt.

The Herbes de Provence Salt is a thing of beauty! This dried herbal mix hails from the Provence region of southeast France. The Lafayette Spices mix includes five herbs, each with its own distinct flavor profile and importance to the blend: Savory, Marjoram, Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano. Each herb is picked at its absolute peak of flavor and slowly air dried – this process achieves a flavor and color that is second to none. The beauty of the Herbes de Provence Salt lies in its versatility. The mix works beautifully on duck, turkey, and other poultry, but can be just as impressive when crusted on root vegetables or even a meaty piece of monkfish. Because of the salt and the addition of grinder top to the traditional herb mixture, this intense blend can be used as a finishing spice too.

The Wild Tailed Peppercorns are sure to impress even the most culinarily gifted of fathers. This unusual pepper hails from Madagascar – where, unlike most peppers around the world – it is foraged from the wild, rather than grown on farms or plantations. The heat is moderate, a delicate spice that won’t overwhelm the other flavors of the pepper or the ingredients in your dish. The aroma is complex, with woody, fruity, and floral notes. The flavor itself is deeply woodsy with notes of bark, forest moss, smoke, and herbs. Because the pepper is so exquisite, we recommend using it on something fancy! Though everyday use is certainly encouraged. Try cracking some of the Wild Tailed Peppercorn over roasted duck or foie gras. A little goes a long way on a fine piece of beef like wagyu ribeye or a slice of mangalitsa pork.

And last but certainly not least, our famous Fermented Green Peppercorns! Dad is going to love these. These peppery little gems can be eaten right out of the jar. No need to grind or even cook them. The applications are endless, and we’re sure it’s going to become his new favorite spice. The Fermented Green Peppercorns start their journey in beautiful Cambodia - picked when young and still green. After harvest, the peppercorns are dried slightly and then coated with handfuls of fine sea salt, at which point they’re ready for the last step - fermentation! The salted peppercorns are loaded into wood barrels and sealed for several months. After a few months time, the peppercorns are unloaded, packed into jars, and make their way to us at Lafayette Spices! Of course, the go-to preparation is for that famous Au Poivre sauce used to smother a peppery filet mignon steak. That same sauce can be applied to grilled seafood, roasted pork, or even vegetable dishes!

Whatever your plans are for this Father’s Day, be sure to include something interesting and delicious! We think you’ll find that our Dad’s Delicious Day gift set is the perfect gift for that food savvy guy in your life that already has it all. Believe us, he hasn’t seen this! Happy Father’s Day!