Toasted Sesame Seeds

A Little Bit Of Every Flavor For Whatever Flavor Mood You Happen To Be In.

Katherine Loffreto

Sesame Seeds have been a food source for centuries. They are believed to have originated in Asia or East Africa, and have roots of cultivation in Egypt and China as far back as 5,000 years ago. While you may be familiar with traditionally prepared sesame seeds, perhaps on a hamburger bun or even dotting your piece of sushi, we’re here to introduce you to a whole new world of flavor. Our Toasted Sesame Seeds Kit allows you to enjoy all the flavors we offer, in a convenient easy to store format. Four mind blowing flavors to excite your palate and your sense of adventure!

These sesame seeds are sourced directly from our producer in Japan, and have undergone an extensive seasoning process, to render them perfectly crispy, crunchy, and delicious. An intensely flavorful sauce, different for each seed type, is used to coat the seeds. The seeds are then dried/toasted at a low temperature to fuse the sauce to the seeds. That process is repeated up to 5 times until the seeds are at an optimum level or crispy flavor packed goodness. Four incredible flavors are available: Yuzu, Tex Mex, Curry, and Wasabi.

The yuzu is a delicious citrus fruit that hails from central China and Tibet and was then introduced to Japan and South Korea – where it’s still cultivated today. It grows very slowly, generally requiring 10 years to fruit. The flavor is decidedly citrus based, with notes of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. These seeds would be transcendent when sprinkled on a fresh fluke crudo, or even topping a sweet sesame panna cotta.

The Tex Mex seeds are seasoned with chili, cumin, garlic, and onion to give them an intense south of the border kick. While the name would imply that it they need to be used for a Latin-esque application, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. These spicy seeds are fantastic on salads, cold Asian noodles, soups (butternut squash) and even fried chicken! Of course, you could go with a more name worthy application too - Use them to garnish that taco al pastor, chicken mole, or even a slice of ultra-fresh pineapple.

Curry Spice is traditionally an Indian ingredient, but these seeds can be used for so much more. The spice is actually a blend of several spices, and typically includes cumin, turmeric, garlic, and ginger. These bright yellow and flavorful seeds would be perfect for topping braised chicken or perhaps beef short ribs. They could even be used on a dessert, dotting fresh mango sorbet or a cake of sweet tamarind.

And lastly, Wasabi! These seeds certainly pack a punch! They’re coated in a layer of peppery wasabi that pairs perfectly with just about any cuisine. Wasabi is harvested from the root of a Japanese horseradish in the family Brassica. The seeds are pungent and flavorful, but don’t have the lingering burn effects that accompany traditional wasabi. Use these seeds to coat a piece of tuna prior to searing, or sprinkle them over pork filled steamed dumplings.

In short, let’s not forget that you get to choose your sesame seeds! Why use plain old boring ones when the opportunity to use powerfully intense flavorful seeds are right at your fingertips? Never reach for the boring stuff again! Add flavor, crunch, and excitement to your cooking with The Toasted Sesame Seeds Kit! A flavor trip (around the world) every time!