Each flower contains small black spikes*. It is a relative of the species Piper Nigrum.

With a naturally occurring dominant "campfire" fragrance; the Smoked Long Peppercorn tastes similar to Black Pepper but has more heat and an almost earthy, sweet overtone.

For centuries it was quite popular in Mediterranean, African, Indian, and Indonesian cooking. The smokiness of this pepper pairs perfectly with beef and pork and sliced tomatoes.

AROMA: Campfire, earthy, woodsy, and musty

ORIGIN: South Africa

PACKING SIZE: 1.01 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 3.30 oz. (330 ml Jar)

*The shape and size of this Peppercorn may vary depending on harvest

(Grinder sold separately)


The Smoky Long Peppercorn is one of those spices that you try once, and reach for again and again. It’s addictingly piquant and has a tantalizing smokiness that will have you putting it on everything. 

The Smoky Long Peppercorn makes its way to us all the way from  Africa! For centuries, this storied peppercorn was quite popular in Mediterranean, African, Indian, and Indonesian cooking. In fact, it was a medicinal ingredient long before a culinary one. Long Peppers are believed to be the first to reach the Mediterranean. It was even more highly regarded than the now more common round peppercorn. The long version remained in Europe long after the fall of Rome, well through the middle ages. In the 1400’s the pepper lost out on the popularity contest to the smaller round peppercorn. As new waterway routes opened up, the cheaper round pepper flooded the market. And thus, the long pepper was banished to the back of the cupboards. Until now…

Long pepper has a bit more heat than traditional round peppercorns. They’re rich with complex undertones of warm spices and woodsy nuances. The gentle addition of smoked makes the final flavor palate that much more interesting. The Smoky Long Peppercorns can be paired with a myriad of ingredients, from light salad greens and spring vegetables to heartier stews and braises. It can even be paired with dessert! Things like rich chocolate, dark caramels, coffee, and tropical fruits would all benefit from a little crack of Smoky Long Peppercorn.

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Smoky Long Peppercorns

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