3199 3800

The fishermans friend! The bold salts in the Fish Box pair perfectly with any seafood dish you dream up! Baked salmon, shrimp cocktail, bass ceviche, tuna burgers… this box can season them all.

Your guests will be dying to know what you added! This is the perfect gift for the seafood lover in your life. Anchors away!


Beechwood Smoked Salt (3.17 oz.): Strong smoky, woodsy flavor.

Fleur de Sel (2.82 oz.): Exquisite texture and minerality.

Scandinavian Salt (4.23 oz.): Crunchy salt crystals, smoky sweet pepper.

Lemon Pyramid Salt (2.12 oz.): Crunchy salt, intense lemon

Celery Salt (3.17 oz.): Crunchy salt, intense celery.


Seafood Lovers Salt Box
3199 3800

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