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Give your foodie love exactly what they want this year… flavor! A set of five mind blowing seasonings – in beautiful glass jars with dual size grinder attachments. 

Our Reds Spice Box has everything you need to spice up your kitchen (and your love life)


Cabernet Salt (3.17 oz.): Intense flavors of real cabernet wine. Rich purple tones.

Pink Peppercorns (1.03 oz.): Bright pink color. Hints of juniper and honey.

Kampot Red Peppercorns (2.20 oz.): Spicy and peppery. Hints of dried fruit.

Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses (3.17 oz.): Romantic and delicious! Beautiful pinks and reds.

Kampot Long Red Peppercorns (1.53 oz.): Deep maroon color. Flavors of spice and dried fruit.


Reds Spice Box
3399 4195

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