A box for the bold chef! Four huge flavors that will always leave you wanting more. Perfect for that foodie in your life that enjoys strong coffee, spicy food, and rich red wine! The flavor just keeps on going with these salts…


Beechwood Smoked Salt (3.17 oz.): Strong smoky, woodsy flavor.

Cabernet Salt (3.17 oz.): Salt with Cabernet wine

Crazy Salt (2.47 oz.): Salt, herbs, and spices

Espelette Pepper Salt (3.88 oz.): Smoky sweet heat, roasted pepper



Meet the Bold Chef's Secret Weapon: Our Bold Salt Collection

Our bold salt box is not for the faint of heart – they're for those who love to push the limits of flavor and are always looking for their next taste adventure.

Inside our bold box, you'll find four huge flavors that will elevate your dishes to new heights. We have got Beechwood Smoked Salt, Cabernet Salt, Crazy Salt, and Espelette Pepper Salt.

These bold spices are perfect for the foodie in your life who enjoys strong coffee, spicy food, and rich red wine. And with their intense flavors, a little goes a long way – meaning you'll have plenty of seasoning power to last you through many culinary creations.

Buy our Bold Salt Box Online

Buy our Bold Salt Box online and have it shipped straight to your door. No need to go out searching for exotic spices and flavors – we've done the work for you and packaged them all in one convenient box.

So what are you waiting for? Become the bold chef you were always meant to be with our Box of Bold Salt!

Bold Salt Box

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