Five Peppercorn Mix is a mix of White, Black, Green, and Pink Peppercorns, as well as Mexican Allspice.

The perfect mix for all-purpose seasoning.

AROMA: Spicy and complex, fruity, earthy, and anise

ORIGIN: Asia & South America, crafted in France

PACKING SIZE: 1.72 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 4.59 oz. (330 ml Jar) or 5 pounds bag (lb.)

(Grinder sold separately for the 330 ml Jar)


Explore the Vibrant Flavors of our 5 Peppercorn Mix!

Get ready to embark on a flavor-filled adventure as we introduce you to the vibrant world of our 5 Peppercorn Mix! We've meticulously blended together five incredible and delicious peppercorns to create a stunning mix that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Let's talk about the star of the show, our Five Peppercorn Mix. This exquisite 5 peppercorn blend features a harmonious combination of Black, White, Green, Pink Peppercorns, and Mexican Allspice. Each peppercorn brings its own unique character and flavor to the mix, creating a symphony of taste that will elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

Originating from Asia and South America and crafted in France, these mixed peppercorns are like globetrotters of flavor, bringing the best of their respective regions to your plate. The black peppercorns add a bold and robust kick, while the white peppercorns bring a subtle heat and a touch of earthiness. The green peppercorns introduce a fresh and lively note, while the pink peppercorns contribute a delicate sweetness and a hint of floral aroma. And let's not forget the Mexican Allspice, which adds a warm and exotic spice element to the mix.

But wait, there's more! Our five pepper blend is not just about the flavors; it's a culinary experience that encompasses a wide range of taste sensations. From hot and spicy notes to bold umami flavors, from the rich nuances of red fruit to the exotic spice undertones, this blend truly has it all. It's like having a Rolls-Royce of spice blends at your fingertips.

How many types of Peppercorns are there?

When it comes to peppercorns, variety truly is the spice of life. There are different types of peppercorns out there, each with its own unique combination and flavor profile. From citrus-infused peppercorns to smoky chili blends, the possibilities are endless. These pepper blends allow you to explore new dimensions of taste and add a dash of excitement to your dishes. And now experiment with different types of peppercorns with our Five Peppercorn Mix!

How to use our 5 Peppercorn Blend?

First things first, make sure to grind the peppercorns before using them in your dishes. You can either use a spice grinder or an electric grinder, but make sure to store the excess in a salt or spice cellar.

Now, let's get to the fun part - using the Five Peppercorn Mix in your cooking! Since this blend offers a wide range of flavors, it's perfect for both raw applications and as a finishing spice. For example, try adding some to a salad of spring lettuce with asparagus and goat cheese for an extra kick of flavor.

If you're planning on cooking meat, don't be afraid to be generous with the 5 peppercorn blend. It pairs perfectly with lamb, venison, and even game dishes like ducks. Just sprinkle some over your meat before roasting or grilling.

Seafood lovers, rejoice! The white Malabar and green peppercorns in this blend are perfect for seafood dishes. Try adding some to a grilled filet of striped bass or a bowl of beer-steamed mussels for a burst of flavor.

The possibilities with mixed peppercorns are endless. It's a versatile and delicious addition to any kitchen, and we're sure you'll find yourself putting it on everything. So go ahead and experiment - your taste buds will thank you. Bon appetit!

Buy Five Peppercorn Mix Online

Buy our 5 peppercorn blend online. It's just a click away! Why settle for just one type of peppercorn when you can have a harmonious medley of flavors? 

Simply visit our online shop and discover our Five Peppercorn Mix in 100 ml, 330 ml Jar, also available in a 5 pounds bag. 

Remember, the secret to outstanding dishes lies in the quality of your ingredients. Choose the best pepper online, shop for peppercorns that will make a difference, and let the magic happen in your kitchen.

BARCODE 330 ML: 3265960470677

BARCODE 5 LB: 3265960540066

Five Peppercorn Mix

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