Smoked Sweet Pepper Pyramid Salt

Katherine Loffreto

Every now and then, we (at Lafayette Spices) run across a seasoning that really blows us away. It doesn’t happen often. As you can imagine, we’ve seen and tasted a lot of amazing spices. But the Sweet Pepper Pyramid Salt has to be one of our absolute favorites. It’s a smoky sweet pepper flavor bomb with a tantalizing crunch that will keep you coming back for more.

The base of this beautiful salt is of course our famed pyramid salt. It’s truly a work of art in and of itself. A true Mediterranean delight, it hails from Cyprus Greece. Officially called the Republic of Cyprus, it is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. The third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is a beautiful place, and the art of making salt there dates back centuries. Early Cypriots would use the newly formed sea salt to preserve various meats, fish, and even vegetables. One popular dish from the area involves cooking a whole fish – packed entirely in the famous local salt.

The unique pyramid shape of the Pyramid Salt is created through the process of solar evaporation of sea water where the water is channeled into a chain of shallow ponds or lagoons and then into large pans where the water is gradually heated, forming the pyramid shapes of the salt. The process continues until the salt reaches 3% humidity, and can take up to two years to complete.

After harvesting these stunning crystals, the salt is coated in a powerful seasoning of smoked sweet peppers. The coating fuses to the crystals and is absorbed into their crunchy flakes. The flavor is reminiscent of freshly grilled sweet peppers – juicy and warm, with smoky undertones and notes of fruity pepper and summer ripeness. This may just be one of our most versatile salts we offer. It can be used for anything from rich dark game meats to light seafood dishes and salads.

Starting with the more rich options – this Smoked Sweet Pepper Salt would go perfectly with roasted lamb, beef, or venison. A little lighter option (but just as delicious) would be roasted chicken or grilled pork chops. Moving towards the seafood category, these flavorful flakes would be incredible on a piece of roasted salmon or cod – or even sprinkled over freshly steamed mussels. This smoky salt is also perfect for fresh veggies! It would be remarkable on freshly sliced summer tomatoes with creamy burrata cheese. Or even sprinkled on salad of fresh butter lettuce with radishes and herbs.

The options are endless, and delicious! Grab some of our favorite salt in the Lafayette Spices shop and get seasoning!

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