Make Your Holidays Twice as Nice with Flavour Fields!

Make Your Holidays Twice as Nice with Flavour Fields!

Chef Taylor Knapp

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to start thinking about… you guessed it, the food! It’s that time of year when, if you’re hosting, family starts asking you what you’re going to make, and you start to panic because you have no idea.

Let us help you with a few suggestions, along with the help of Flavour Fields seasonings and microgreens. The key is to keep things simple – make just a few dishes that have great bold flavor, rather than a plethora of meh preparations that no one will remember.

Layering the flavors is essential, by building the dish with the final flavor profile in mind. This will result in a complex and mouthwatering preparation that will have your guests talking about it until next year’s holidays!

Flavour Fields offers many ingredients that will almost certainly elevate your holiday preparations. None are quite as prolific as our Herbes de Provence. This dried herbal mix hails from the Provence region of southeast France.

The Lafayette Spices mix includes five herbs, each with its own distinct flavor profile and importance to the blend: Savory, Marjoram, Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano. Each herb is picked at its absolute peak of flavor and slowly air dried – this process achieves a flavor and color that is second to none.

Our Herbs de Provence is going to elevate any of the proteins you may have planned for the holidays, but we have one in particular in mind… Turkey! The giant bird is of course synonymous with Thanksgiving and increasingly Christmas meals.

Herbes de Provence would make an incredible seasoning accompaniment to your T-Day bird but would be just as impactful on a roasted pork loin or a prime rib. Even if you plan to go the veggie route this year, the herb blend would be just as impactful on a whole roasted squash or celery root.

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Let’s talk about cranberry sauce, shall we? It’s on everyone’s table, but it’s not always looking so great, or has any variation in flavor from the norm.

Jazz it up this year! Whether it’s the canned variety or something you pulled together from scratch (we’re not judging, we love both) they can both look a bit sloppy without some additional aesthetic lovin’.

Enter: our edible flowers! Both our Pansy Flowers and Cornabria Blossoms would make a stunning splash on your cranberry side this year. Our Snap Dragon Blossoms, Nasturtium Flowers, and Apple Blossoms would also make an eye-catching upgrade.

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If you plan on making your own this year and want to give it an extra boost of flavor, try making a sachet of Cumeo Peppercorns. Their lemony grapefruit nuances would be an extraordinary boost of flavor that your guests wouldn’t expect but would quickly come to adore.

What about the star of the show? It’s not the turkey. You guessed it, the mashed potatoes! Everybody loves them (and we’re no outlier). The thing about mashed potatoes is that you really don’t want to mess much with the flavor profile.

The best mashed potatoes are all about texture. Milk, butter, salt, heavy cream, maybe a little roasted garlic or cheese if you really want to get crazy, but even those two ingredients are completely unnecessary.

Where you do have a little leeway with the mashed potatoes is your pepper of choice. Everyone know that the best mashed potatoes are finished with a few cracks of pepper. The pepper you choose can make a big difference! May we recommend our Wild Tailed Peppercorn for their funky earthy flavor.

Or perhaps our Smoked Long Peppercorns for their intense pop of smoky heat. Either one would take your mash from zero to hero real quick.

Finally, let’s not forget the pie. Pumpkin pie that is! This is another classic that most people prefer to keep that way, but what if we fluff it up just a little bit…

Our Pink Peppercorns would add a delicious and surprising pop of sweet juniper to the dish – either scattered around the top of the pie or dotting a scoop of whipped cream. The Kampot Long Red Peppercorn would also make an incredible pie topper. With notes of clove and dried fruit, it would add just a hint of heat if grated over the top just before serving. Yum!

We hope this brief introduction into the world of holiday fare gave you some inspiration for you upcoming dinners. Holiday meals can be anchored in tradition, but still have room for innovation and change – that’s what makes them so much fun! This year, bring something new to the table with Flavour Fields!