Fleur de Sel Salt - Benefits, Recipes, & Where to Buy

Fleur de Sel Salt - Benefits, Recipes, & Where to Buy

Chef Taylor Knapp

Fleur de Sel! The French phrase may sound fancy, but the salt itself is a down-to-earth ingredient. Known for its delicate flavor and unique texture. This French Guerande salt is taking the culinary world by storm. This salt has been a favorite of foodies and chefs alike for years. 

But what exactly is Fleur de Sel, and what makes it so special? 

In this blog post, we'll dive into the benefits of Fleur de Sel. Share some mouth-watering recipes using this salt. And tell you where to buy Fleur de Sel. 

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Fleur de Sel!

What is Fleur de Sel Salt?

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Fleur de Sel is a type of sea salt that's harvested using traditional methods. Giving it a unique flavor and texture that can't be found in your average table salt.

Well, picture this: a team of French salt farmers, perched on the edge of a marsh. Carefully scraping the top layer of salt crystals that form on the surface of the water. That, my friend, is the essence of Fleur de Sel. Literally translating Fleur de Sel in english is "flower of salt".

But what makes Fleur de Sel so special?

For starters, it's rich in minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It can help regulate blood pressure and improve bone health. Plus, its delicate flavor and crunchy texture make it a favorite of chefs and foodies alike. It's the perfect finishing touch for everything from roasted vegetables to chocolate desserts.

Where is the best Fleur de Sel from?

Benefits of Fleur de Sel Salt

The best Fleur de Sel can come from several regions. Including the coast of Brittany in France, the Guérande region of France, and the Algarve region of Portugal.

In France, the town of Guérande is known for producing high-quality Fleur de Sel. The salt marshes there have been in use since the Middle Ages.

Similarly, the coast of Brittany is also a renowned producer of Fleur de Sel. The salt from this region is harvested from the Atlantic Ocean.

In Portugal, the Algarve region is known for producing Fleur de Sel using traditional methods.

No matter what version you get, sel de guérande salt always stays unique as its name.

Fleur de Sel vs Maldon: A rundown between these two

The age-old debate between best Fleur de Sel and Maldon salt! Two of the world's most beloved and widely used salts. But which one reigns supreme? Let's take a closer look.


Fleur de Sel Guerande is a type of sea salt that is hand-harvested in salt pans. It's known for its delicate, flaky texture and subtle flavor. 

Maldon, on the other hand, is a type of flaky sea salt that is harvested in Essex, England. It's known for its pyramid-shaped crystals and strong, salty flavor.


Fleur de Sel de Guerande sea salt is often used as a finishing salt. Meaning it's sprinkled on top of dishes just before serving to add a bit of texture and flavor. It's particularly good on salads, grilled meats, and seafood. 

Maldon salt, on the other hand, is a great all-purpose salt. It can be used in cooking, baking, and as a finishing salt. It's particularly good on roasted vegetables, grilled meats, and in baked goods.


Fleur de sel is like the delicate, dainty friend who always knows just the right thing to say. It's refined and elegant. It always adds just the right amount of flavor to a dish without overpowering it. 

Maldon, on the other hand, is like the bold and brash friend who's always the life of the party. It's unapologetically salty and it adds a big burst of flavor to whatever it touches.

Final verdict

So which one should you choose? Well, it really depends on what you're looking for. 

If you want a subtle, delicate salt that will add just a touch of flavor and texture to your dishes. Then fleur de sel is the way to go.

But if you want a bold and flavorful salt that will really make your dishes pop. Then Maldon is the salt for you.

In the end, it's really a matter of personal preference. Some people swear by fleur de sel. While others can't get enough of Maldon.

Is There a Difference Between Fleur de Sel Salt vs Himalayan Salt?

Fleur de Sel salt vs Himalayan salt – it's the ultimate showdown of the salty titans. But is there really a difference between these two popular salts? The short answer is yes, yes, and yes.

  • Fleur de Sel is a delicate French sea salt that's hand-harvested. While Himalayan salt is a rock salt mined from ancient salt beds in the Himalayan Mountains.
  • This rare salt has a subtle taste and a crunchy texture. While Himalayan salt is known for its pink hue and is believed to have a higher mineral content.
  • This sea salt is often used as a finishing salt to add flavor and texture to dishes. While Himalayan salt is commonly used in cooking and baking.
  • This salt is more expensive than Himalayan salt due to its labor-intensive harvesting process.
  • Fleur de Sel is popular among chefs and foodies for its unique flavor. While Himalayan salt has gained a following for its supposed health benefits.

Both salts can add a delicious twist to your favorite dishes. So why not try both and see which one tickles your taste buds?

Is There a Difference Between Fleur de Sel vs Sea Salt?

Fleur de Sel vs sea salt. It's the ultimate salty showdown! But are these two types of salt really that different? You betcha.

First up, let's talk about Fleur de Sel. This fancy-pants French Guerande sea salt follows traditional harvesting methods. The flavor and texture it gives can't be found in your average sea salt. This sea salt is prized for its delicate taste, crunchy texture, and mineral-rich composition.

Sea salt, on the other hand, is a type of salt that's produced by evaporating seawater. It comes in different varieties depending on where it's harvested. But in general, sea salt has a coarser texture than table salt and contains more minerals.

Fleur de Sel is much more expensive than your average sea salt due to its labor-intensive harvesting process. But beyond that, Fleur de Sel has a subtle flavor and crunchier texture than most sea salts. 

In short, both Fleur de Sel and sea salt have their own unique characteristics and uses. Give your saltiness a taste of both and see which one floats your boat?

What is Fleur de Sel Salt Used for?


This magical Guerande sea salt is the secret ingredient that can transform any dish from ho-hum to oh-wow. It's not just a seasoning. It's a flavor enhancer that adds depth, texture, and complexity to your favorite foods.

Some of the most popular uses for Fleur de Sel include sprinkling it over fresh-baked bread. Using it to season grilled meats and vegetables. Even adding a pinch to your favorite cocktails. Hello, Fleur de Sel margarita! 

One of the best things about guerande fleur de sel is its versatility. Its delicate flavor won't overpower other ingredients. Making it a perfect addition to everything from savory dishes to sweet treats. Plus, its crunchy texture adds a satisfying pop to every bite.

Below shared some fleur de sel recipe for you to try. See why this little flower of salt is causing such a stir in the culinary world.

5 Easy Ways to Use Fleur de Sel Salt

Fleur de sel salt is a fancy, artisanal salt that has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

Because of its relatively small size, this salt can be used as an initial seasoning salt. Also as a last-minute finishing salt. That makes the applications nearly boundless! Let’s learn what is fleur de sel used for.

Dark Chocolate Pudding:

Nothing makes a rich chocolate pudding more decadent than a sprinkle of crunchy sea salt. Pudding isn’t as hard to make as you might think. Whisk milk, cream, brown sugar, and cornstarch together in a pot over medium heat. 

Once the mixture thickens, remove it from the heat and temper it with some whisked eggs. Return it to the heat until it bubbles again. Then, pour it into a food processor with dark chocolate, butter, and vanilla extract. Run the machine until the pudding is very smooth, then scoop into cups and chill. Finish with a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel de guerande and enjoy!

Salted Caramel Sauce:

A good salted caramel sauce is good on just about everything. From ice cream to pancakes. And it’s easy to make too! Heat granulated sugar in a saucepan. 

Once melted, allow it to caramelize to a dark brown. Add butter, heavy cream, and our very own Fleur de Sel de guerande sea salt. Delicious!

Finish a Steak:

There are few things better in life than a well cooked, well rested piece of beef. It can be made even better with a sprinkle of good sea salt just after slicing. 

Season a cut of beef with Fleur de Sel, and grill to your desired temperature. Then, allow it to rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Slice the beef against the grain and finish it with a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel on the cut slices.

Ripe Tomato Salad:

In the heat of the summer, a sweet tomato salad is a great way to cool off. It can have anything you happen to have on hand really. Just be sure to pick up some nice, ripe, preferably local tomatoes. 

Just before serving, slice the tomatoes and sprinkle the cut sides with Fleur de Sel. Drizzle the whole salad with nice olive oil and add soft herbs you may have on hand, like basil, parsley, or dill.

Shrimp Ceviche:

Ceviche is an easy and delicious snack, particularly when it’s hot outside. The addition of some crunchy Fleur de Sel on top makes it that much better. 

Cut fresh shrimp into ½” pieces. Mix with lemon juice, lime juice, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno, cilantro, and Fleur de Sel. Allow to marinate for 1-4 hours. Then serve with tortilla chips and dig in!

Is Fleur de Sel Salt Healthy?

Why Fleur de Sel so expensive

Fleur de Sel Salt can be a healthier alternative to regular table salt. But it's important to use it in moderation. 

  • It contains fewer additives and preservatives than table salt. Which can be a plus for those looking to reduce their intake of processed foods.
  • Fleur de sel is also believed to contain more trace minerals than table salt. Including magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These minerals can have beneficial effects on the body. Such as supporting healthy bones and muscles, and regulating blood pressure. Overall improving health and wellbeing.

So while fleur de sel may have some potential health benefits, it's important to balance its use. Maintain other healthy habits like regular exercise, a balanced diet, and plenty of hydration.

How much does Fleur de Sel cost?

You see, Fleur de Sel is not your run-of-the-mill table salt. It's a hand-harvested salt that comes from the top layer of the salt pond. Where the salt crystals form delicate, flower-like patterns. 

This makes it a bit more labor-intensive to produce than regular salt, which can drive up the cost.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $50 per ml jar for fleur de sel. It depends on factors such as where it's sourced from, its quality, and the brand. 

Some varieties, like the famous French fleur de sel from Guérande, can be more expensive due to their reputation for high quality and unique flavor.

But don't let the price tag scare you away! A little bit of fleur de sel goes a long way. Plus, it makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for any foodie in your life.

So go ahead, treat yourself to a sprinkle of fleur de sel on your next meal.

Why is Fleur de Sel so expensive?

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It's not just any ordinary salt. This is a special type of salt that is found only in certain parts of the world.

Harvesting this salt requires a lot of skill and patience. This labor-intensive process is what drives up the cost of fleur de sel. Unlike regular table salt, which is often processed and refined using machinery, this one is a true artisanal product. It's harvested in small batches. Each batch can vary in quality depending on factors like the weather and the skill of the salt harvesters.

Additionally, the unique flavor of fleur de sel is another reason why it's so sought after. The subtle sweetness and depth of flavor that you just can't find in regular table salt.

So while fleur de sel may be more expensive than your average salt. It's worth it for the flavor and the artisanal process that goes into making it. Plus, it makes a great conversation starter at dinner parties!

What is the best substitute for Fleur de Sel?

While fleur de sel salt has a unique flavor and texture. There are plenty of substitutes that can get the job done. 

So, if you're looking for a salt-only substitute for fleur de sel, here are a few options to consider:

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is a popular substitute for fleur de sel salt. Because it has a similar flaky texture and a clean, salty flavor. While kosher salt is a bit coarser than fleur de sel, it can still be used in the same way. 

Just remember that you may need to use a bit less kosher salt than you would fleur de sel. As it tends to be a bit saltier.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is another great substitute for fleur de sel. It has a similar texture and flavor. But it is generally less expensive. Sea salt can be used in the same way as fleur de sel. 

Plus, it comes in a variety of textures, from fine to coarse. So you can choose the one that works best for your recipe.

Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan pink salt is another option that can add a unique flavor to your dishes. 

This salt can complement the flavors of savory dishes similar to fleur de sel. It also has a delicate texture that makes it a good substitute for fleur de sel in recipes.

Smoked salt

This is a specialty salt that has been smoked over wood chips. Giving it a distinct smoky flavor that can add depth and complexity to your dishes. 

It has a coarse texture that makes it a good substitute for Fleur de Sel in recipes. Plus with the smoky flavor.

Can you make Fleur de Sel at home?

How To Make Fleur de Sel at Home

Technically speaking, Fleur de Sel is a specific type of salt that forms thin. Delicate crystals on the surface of seawater as it evaporates. 

The process of harvesting this salt is a delicate and time-consuming one. It involves taking the crystals off the surface of the water by hand. So can you replicate this process at home? Well, not exactly.

However, there are a few ways you can try to make a homemade version of Fleur de Sel. 

One method involves evaporating seawater in a shallow pan. Then scraping off the salt crystals that form on the surface. 

Another method involves adding salt to boiling water. Letting it evaporate. And then scraping off the crystals that form on the surface.

Of course, these methods won't produce the same delicate, flaky crystals that you would find in true Fleur de Sel. But they can still yield a flavorful, artisanal salt. That can add a unique touch to your dishes. 

And who knows, you might even come up with your own homemade version of "flower of salt". And 

that becomes the next culinary sensation!

Where to Buy Fleur de Sel Salt Online?

Where to Buy Fleur de Sel Salt Online

Looking to spice up your cooking game with some rare Fleur de Sel? Wondering where can I buy Fleur de Sel? Don't waste your time scouring the grocery store aisles. Instead, check out this top place to buy Fleur de Sel salt online! 

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Whether you're looking for Himalayan pink salt or smoked sea salt. They have everything you need to take your cooking to the next level.

Their Fleur de Sel for sale is sourced from the coastal regions of France. Here it is hand-harvested and sun-dried for the ultimate flavor experience. Plus, their easy-to-use website and fast shipping make ordering sea salt online a breeze.

With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that you're getting the very best.

End Note

Basically fleur de sel is the Beyoncé of salts - it's delicate, complex. Sprinkle it on roasted veggies, grilled meats, or even use it to rim a fancy cocktail glass. 

And for all you sweet tooths out there, don't be afraid to experiment with fleur de sel in your desserts. It's a game-changer!

It may be a bit more expensive than your average salt. But it's worth it for the added flavor and health benefits. So go ahead, indulge in some fleur de sel and add a touch of glamor to your meals.