Smoked Salt with Grilled Watermelon

Beechwood Smoked Salt Makes This Grilled Watermelon A Summer Party Smash Hit

Katherine Loffreto

Watermelon – that classic, epitome of summertime treat. Often served ice cold all by itself as a dessert or as a simple side dish. What if we told you that watermelon could get even better? That’s right! It’s very easy to turn watermelon from a simple slice of fruit into a delicious and decadent side dish or even an entrée! Grilled watermelon is the dish of the summer and it’s here to make your summer soiree the best it can possibly be. We kick ours up with a sprinkle of Beechwood Smoked Salt that really makes those grilled smoky flavors pop.
First, let’s dive into some backstory on the Beechwood Smoked Salt itself. It’s really an incredible seasoning. Beechwood Smoked Salt is harvested in the Guerande region of France. In these marches, salterns have been built, where workers collect up to 15,000 tons of cooking salt each year and approx. 300 tons of fleur de sel or “flower of salt” per year. This coarse Guerande salt is finished with a 10 day beechwood smoking process. Beechwood makes an excellent smoking wood, though it’s more typically known as a firewood than a food smoke wood. Beech is a hardwood, which means that it doesn’t produce large levels of thick smoke that come from softer woods like pine or fir. Those soft woods can also produce the potential for acrid tasting buildup on foods, and potentially harmful compounds. Beech wood provides a light smoke that is mild, sweet, and nutty. The elongated smoking process ensures that the flavor not only adheres to the outside of each salt crystal, but also penetrates deep inside for an intense, smoky finish.
Grilling watermelon is fast with only a few minute per side needed! Preparing the grill is an important step to ensure it’s clean and oiled before beginning. This particular preparation takes advantage of some grilled jalapenos as well. Their pop of heat and smoky flavor make this an absolute winning combination.

STEP 1. Prep the grill (gas grill or charcoal grill)
Heat the grill to medium-high (350 degrees). Use a grill brush to remove any particles from the grill grates. Fold a paper towels into quarters, add some cooking oil and lubricate the grilling grate.

STEP 2. Grill the jalapenos
Place the jalapeno peppers on the grilling grates and close the lid (cover grill). Allow to cook 3 minutes on each side until blistered. Remove and allow to cool and slice into thin rings.

STEP 3. Grilling the watermelon
Place watermelon triangles on the grill and sprinkle a very small amount of the Beechwood Smoked Salt. NOTE: Only salt one side of the watermelon. Allow the watermelon to grill for 1 ½ to 2 minutes to form beautiful grill marks (may or may not be black charred). Turn over and allow to grill 1 ½- 2 minutes on the opposite site. Remove from grill and serve with sliced jalapenos.

This summer – don’t just settle for a boring piece of melon. Spice it up with a little Beechwood Smoked Salt! Grilled watermelon is an excellent summer treat, and after having it, you might not want to have it any other way!