Lemon Pyramid Salt

Katherine Loffreto

Have you ever wanted to add a punch of lemony flavor to a dish, but don’t have any fresh lemons on hand? Fret not! Lafayette Spices has the solution! Lemon Pyramid Salt is a delicious, crunchy, gourmet salt that’s going to add a tantalizing citrusy burst to your next creation.

Great flavored salt can’t be made without a great base flake salt. That’s certainly the case for our Lemon Pyramid Salt - The flaky texture and excellent crunch make the Pyramid Salt us ideal for finishing any meal. In addition, by using sea salt flakes you encourage the reduction of salt in the cooking process, thereby decreasing overall salt intake, thus benefiting your health. All the sea salt flakes are produced in the old fashioned traditional way from Mediterranean sea water. In a dust-free environment, experienced salt makers heat up the sea water and let it evaporate until the delicate pyramid shaped crystal flakes appear. The salt is then harvested, dried, sieved and finally packed, all by hand.

This fantastic pyramid salt is covered in an intense lemony coating – and it’s strong! A little goes a long way. It’s particularly wonderful on seafood applications. Try it sprinkled over a piece of pan roasted salmon, halibut, or cod. It would make an incredible finishing salt for mussels or scallops. We think one of the best applications is raw seafood preparation. The intense lemony pop would be remarkable on a shrimp or scallop ceviche. Or perhaps a sprinkling over a slice of rare seared tuna. Divine!

Alternatively, if seafood isn’t your thing – the Lemon Pyramid Salt makes an excellent accompaniment to poultry dishes. Roasted chicken and duck, grilled squab or quail, or what about… fried chicken! Our mouths are watering right now just thinking about the crispy crunchy crystals on a couple pieces of hot fried chicken. What a combo!

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