Toasted Sesame Seeds with Chili / Cumin Seasoning.

The Japanese process of soaking and toasting the sesame seeds 5 times, infuses the aroma deep inside and results in the most crunchiness.

Use this crunchy condiment to season sliced game meats like venison and wild boar. Or grilled/seared tuna. Would make a lovely textural addition to tropical fruit like mango and papaya.

AROMA: Sesame, chili, cumin, garlic, slightly spicy


PACKING SIZE: 2.2 oz. (Kraft Bag), 4.06 oz. (330 ml Jar) or 18.70 oz. (1000 ml Jar)


What are Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds?

Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds are tiny seeds originating from Japan and are known for their addictive flavor. 

The seeds are coated in a highly seasoned sauce made with chili, cumin, garlic, and onion, which gives them a bold and spicy taste. 

After coating, the seeds are toasted to achieve a crunchy texture and further enhance flavor. 

This toasting and saucing process is repeated multiple times, up to 5 times, until the seeds reach their peak level of deliciousness. 

These seeds are a popular snack or condiment that can add a unique and zesty twist to various dishes.

What are Toasted Sesame Seeds used for?

Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds are a versatile and flavorful ingredient that can be used in various dishes to add a bold and spicy twist. 

Sprinkle the tex mex spices over tacos, guacamole, chili, or chicken mole tacos to enhance the flavor and add a crunchy texture. The seeds' Tex Mex flavor complements the Latin cuisine well.

Use the seeds as a topping for roasted chicken, potatoes, green beans, cod, or salmon. They add a burst of heat and flavor to these dishes.

Rim the glass of margaritas, Mexican lagers, or bloody marys with the Tex Mex seeds to create a spicy and flavorful kick to your drinks.

The Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds are not limited to only Latin fare. Their unique and intense flavor can enhance a wide range of dishes, making them a versatile and exciting addition to your culinary repertoire.

Buy Sesame Seeds Online from Lafayette Spices

Find the delectable and flavorful Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds right at your fingertips at Lafayette Spices online store. 

We take pride in sourcing the finest ingredients and our Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds are no exception. Each tiny seed is carefully coated with a tantalizing blend of seasoning, creating a taste sensation that's simply irresistible. The seeds are then expertly toasted to perfection, enhancing their natural nutty flavor and achieving a satisfying crunch.

You can even experiment with incorporating them into salads, soups, and breakfast dishes for an unexpected twist.

Happy cooking and seasoning!

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Toasted Tex Mex Sesame Seeds

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