For the cook that’s seen it all… Four salts from different parts of the globe – each with its own story to tell. Use these incredible salts to season worldly dishes – from Beef Bourguignon to Kebabs to Pickled Fish! The World Traveler Box will make you feel right at home in almost any country!


Blue Persian Salt (3.52 oz.): This is a fabulous and rare salt originally from the Middle East

Pink Himalayan Salt (4.06 oz.): Originates from the Kashmir region of India

Fleur de Sel (2.82 oz.): It comes from Guérande France and is known as the 'Caviar of Salts'

Scandinavian Salt (4.23 oz.): This ancient salt contains an exotic blend of spices and flavorings – all hailing back to a long-forgotten Viking recipe


World Traveler Salt Box

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