A fine sea salt combined with intensely flavored celery seeds.

This is a powerful seasoning that can make a huge impact on seafood, poultry, soups, and sauces. Give it a try in a Bloody Mary, or similar cocktail.

FLAVOR: Crunchy Salt, Intense Celery.

ORIGIN: France

PACKING SIZE: 3.17 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar)


What is Celery Salt made of?

Celery Salt is a delightful blend that brings together the best of two worlds: fine sea salt and intensely flavored celery seeds. At Lafayette Spices, we take pride in crafting the perfect balance for our celery salt blend. It's a recipe that calls for two parts fine sea salt, meticulously selected for its quality, and one part celery seed, known for its robust and aromatic taste.

Using this technique you can even do homemade celery salt. But let’s just say, it is better to buy from the store than celery salt homemade.

What is different about Celery Salt?

Celery salt is a seasoning blend that combines celery seeds with salt. Here are some unique attributes of celery salt that make it different from other salts:

  • The addition of celery seeds gives this crunchy salt a unique, savory flavor with a hint of celery. 
  • Celery seeds have a strong aroma reminiscent of fresh celery. When with salt, the resulting celery salt carries an aromatic quality. It can enhance the overall scent of a dish.
  • Due to its combination with salt, celery salt contributes both flavor and sodium content to a dish.

Is Celery salt healthier than regular salt?

When it comes to health, there isn't a significant difference between celery salt and regular salt. The various types of salt, such as sea salt and table salt, may differ in production methods, but their impact on our health remains similar.

The key difference between celery salt and regular salt lies in the flavor. Celery salt adds the distinct taste of celery flavoring to dishes, which can be desirable for some recipes. Celery Seeds have good nutritional value. One teaspoon of Celery seeds provides Protein, Fiber, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Magnesium, and Phosphorus. And by taking this crunchy salt, you will get all the benefits that celery spices have to offer. 

Also, sea salt is marketed as a natural and unprocessed option. It contains additional minerals like magnesium and boron in small quantities. Also, the coarser texture of sea salt adds a distinct texture to the dish. 

Nonetheless, both salts still contain sodium chloride. That means moderation is key. Both sea salt and table salt can raise blood pressure when consumed excessively.

What is Celery Salt used for?

Celery salt is a versatile seasoning used in various culinary applications. It adds a unique flavor profile to dishes with its savory and slightly tangy taste. 

This salt is a classic ingredient used to rim the glass of a Bloody Mary cocktail. It enhances the drink's flavor and adds a savory note. 

It is a traditional topping for Chicago-style hot dogs. It contributes to the distinct flavor profile of these hot dogs.

This crunchy salt can be sprinkled over whole chicken or pork roast before cooking. It infuses the meat with a comforting celery flavor, adding depth to the final dish.

When making chicken salad, celery salt can be used as a seasoning. It is also a delicious seasoning option for cold roast beef sandwiches. It adds flavor and enhances the overall taste of the sandwich.

Where to buy Celery Salt?

You can buy celery salt online. Lafayette Spices offers gourmet spices online that aims to bring a modern twist to this classic ingredient. 

We provide a luxurious blend of whole celery seeds and fine sea salt in a beautiful glass jar with a grinder top. Order directly from the website or contact our sales team to learn more about this salt.

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Celery Salt

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