Toasted Sesame Seeds with Wasabi Seasoning.

The Japanese process of soaking and toasting the sesame seeds 5 times, infuses the aroma deep inside and results in the most crunchiness.

Use this crunchy condiment to season sliced raw seafood and shellfish. An excellent accompaniment to sushi and sashimi preparations or spicy greens, and root vegetables like turnips, radishes, and carrots.

AROMA: Spicy, hot, wasabi, horseradish


PACKING SIZE: 2.2 oz. (Kraft Bag), 4.06 oz. (330 ml Jar) or 18.70 oz. (1000 ml Jar)


What is Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds?

Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds have been coated with a mixture of wasabi & oil, then toasted to give them a crunchy texture & a spicy, savory flavor.

Wasabi is also known as Japanese horseradish. The stem of the wasabi plant is grated into a paste to create this Japanese condiment, which adds a pungent and fiery flavor to numerous Japanese dishes.

Lafayette Spices has the ultimate snack for you. Our Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds are sourced straight from Japan and meticulously crafted to meet our high-quality standards.

How Do We Toast Wasabi Sesame Seeds?

The wasabi sesame seeds have been transformed into a delectable snack through a meticulous seasoning process that achieves the perfect level of crispness and crunchiness. This is accomplished by using an intensely flavorful sauce to coat the seeds, which are then dried or toasted at a low temperature to fuse the sauce onto them. To ensure that the seeds reach the ultimate level of crispy, flavor-packed goodness, this process is repeated up to five times, allowing for a depth of flavor and texture that is simply irresistible.

Prepare for a flavor explosion as these seeds pack a punch with their peppery wasabi coating.

Wasabi Sesame Seeds Recipes:

Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds are a versatile addition to any cuisine and go great with a wide range of dishes. Unlike traditional wasabi, these seeds don't leave a lingering burn, making them a perfect topping for a piece of seared tuna, pork-filled dumplings, avocado toast, or even fried eggs!

In Japanese cuisine, sesame seeds are a frequent ingredient that often enhances the nutty flavor. Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds are the most popular topping for sushi rolls, salads, stir-fries, & other dishes.

Also, these Toasted  Wasabi Sesame Seeds serve as a seasoning for meats, fish, and vegetables. Or it can be ground into a paste to make tahini or other sesame-based sauces.

Where to Buy Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds Online?

As a good source of protein, fiber, & healthy fats, Toasted wasabi sesame seeds provide several health benefits.

Also, wasabi flavor provides a unique taste & can add a flavorful kick to various dishes. So, grab the Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds from Lafayette Spices & make your dish memorable.

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Toasted Wasabi Sesame Seeds

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