These are related to Sichuan Peppercorns. Both come from the Zanthoxylum Family, which helps explain the distinctive tongue-tingling taste shared by both.

The distinct grapefruit notes of this pepper lend well to fish and shellfish preparations.

Use it to garnish a perfect slice of raw tuna, scallop, or fluke. Can also pair well with pastry and cocktail applications

AROMA: Citrus notes, grapefruit, slightly tingling


PACKING SIZE: 1.00 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 3.50 oz. (330 ml Jar)

(Grinder sold separately)


What is Timut Pepper?

Are you ready for a wild ride? Let us introduce you to the Timut Peppercorn, the peppercorn that defies all peppercorn expectations! This little spice is bursting with juicy citrus fruit flavors, like a zesty combination of grapefruit, lime, and yuzu. It's not just the flavor that's electrifying, though - the Timut Peppercorn produces a strange and exciting tingling, buzzing, and numbing sensation that's like nothing else.

Where do these miraculous numbing spices come from?

Would you believe it if we told you it's not even technically a peppercorn? That's right, the miraculous Timut Peppercorn is actually the dried berry from a tree in the prickly ash family, native to Nepal. It grows wild in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas, where it's used in the local villages for chutney, tea, or ground into a masala spice blend.

Timut Pepper vs Sichuan Pepper

Timut Pepper and Sichuan Pepper are both unique and highly sought-after spices that add a distinct flavor and tingle to dishes. While both peppers are known for their numbing qualities, Timut Pepper has some notable differences.

One of the main Timut Pepper benefits is its explosive citrusy flavor, which is absent in Sichuan Pepper. The grapefruit, lime, and yuzu notes of Timut Pepper make it a versatile ingredient that pairs well with fish, poultry, and even desserts.

Another benefit of Timut Pepper is that it doesn't contain any harmful alkaloids, which are present in Sichuan Pepper and can cause stomach irritation in some people.

Timut Pepper Recipe

This versatile spice lends itself to a wide variety of dishes and applications. You can take your seafood game up a notch when you crack this citrusy spice over grilled halibut or freshly shucked oysters.  And if you're feeling extra fancy, sprinkle some over a decadent citrus tart with summer berries for a delightful surprise. The Timut Peppercorn can also be used in cocktails to create an incredible infusion for your favorite gin martini or vodka soda.

Buy Timut peppercorns online

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Timut Peppercorns

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