Our stunning Himalayan salt is straight from Kashmir, with the addition of dried rose petals.

Incredibly aromatic and floral, this beautiful salt can be used on anything from pastries, cocktails, to game.

FLAVOR: Crunchy Salt, Rich Minerality, Floral Rose

ORIGIN: Kashmir, India (Crafted in France)

PACKING SIZE: 3.17 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar)


What is Pink Himalayan Rose Salt?

Pink Himalayan Rose Salt - the seasoning that will make your taste buds swoon! Made with the highest quality Pink Himalayan Salt and infused with the delicate essence of roses, this seasoning is truly one-of-a-kind.

Rose Himalayan Salt is known for its unique pink hue, which is caused by the presence of iron oxide in the salt. This salt is sourced from the regions of Kashmir in India and Punjab in Pakistan. The Janjua people first began mining the salt deposits in the 1200s, and since then it has become a staple in kitchens all over the world.

But what really sets Pink Himalayan Rose Salt apart is the infusion of rose petals. The sweet and floral aroma of the rose petals is perfectly complemented by the mineral-rich salt, creating a seasoning that will elevate any dish.

Pink Himalayan Rose Salt vs Table Salt

What makes Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses so special compared to table salt? Well, first off, pink Himalayan salt is a natural, unrefined salt that contains over 80 minerals and trace elements, giving it a distinct flavor and a subtle hint of sweetness.

Table salt, on the other hand, is heavily processed and stripped of its natural minerals. Plus, it often contains additives like anti-caking agents, which can give it a chemical taste. Pink Rose Himalayan salt is a healthier and more flavorful option than regular table salt.

When to use Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses in cooking?

It’s time to sprinkle some Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses on your dishes! This unique seasoning is perfect for enhancing the flavors of game meats, seafood, and even some desserts. The subtle floral notes from the rose petals will have your taste buds dancing with joy.

One of the best things about using Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses is that it adds an extra level of crunch to your dishes. The larger crystal structure of this salt means it provides a satisfying crunch that's hard to beat. So, whether you're seasoning a steak or topping a chocolate dessert, you can add a little extra texture to your dishes with this amazing salt.

Try it on grilled vegetables, roasted chicken, or even popcorn for a unique twist. And with its beautiful pink hue, it also makes a stunning finishing salt to sprinkle on top of salads, soups, and more.

Buy Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses online

And if you're wondering where to get your hands on crunchy salt crystals, look no further than Lafayette Spices online store! You can easily order the best Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses online and add a new dimension of flavor and texture to your meals. So ditch the regular table salt and try out the unique and delicious taste of Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses today!

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Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses

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