Technically not a pepper at all, but rather the dried fruit of the evergreen tree Schinus Molle.

Surprisingly sweet and not spicy, the berries are tender and delicate - and should be eaten whole or coarsely crushed.

AROMA: Flavors range from sweet and fruity to notes of woods, juniper, and herbs.

ORIGIN: Madagascar

PACKING SIZE: 1.03 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 2.82 oz. (330 ml Jar) or 9.35 oz. (1000 ml Jar)

(Grinder sold separately)


Where do Pink Peppercorns come from?

While the Pink Peppercorn origin can be traced back to the Peruvian pepper tree, it is interesting to note that these small, round berries are not technically peppercorns. Pink Peppercorns are produced in various parts of the world, including Brazil and Madagascar. At Lafayette Spices, we source only the best Malgache Pink Peppercorns from Madagascar, where each berry is hand-selected for its color and roundness. Only the best quality pink pepper berries make it into our jars.

Why is it called Pink Spices?

The vibrant pink color of these little berries is what makes them so special. But why are they pink? Studies show that anthocyanin is responsible for giving the pink pepper berries their beautiful hue, making them the perfect addition to any dish in need of a pop of color. So go ahead, add some pink spices to your life, and let your taste buds and eyes dance with joy!

How do pink peppercorns taste?

Unlike their spicy and pungent black peppercorn cousins, Pink Peppercorns flavor is incomparable. This pink pepper tastes surprisingly sweet and mild. Think of them as the cute and cuddly younger siblings of the peppercorn family.

When you bite into a pink peppercorn, you'll experience a burst of fruity and floral flavors. They have hints of juniper and spruce, as well as earthy forest notes. These sweet peppercorns are so tender and delicate that they should be eaten whole or coarsely crushed.

What are Pink Peppercorns used for?

These peppercorn berries have a unique and complex flavor that is hard to compare to anything else. When dried, pink peppercorns have a beautiful and vibrant pink hue that makes them a beautiful and colorful addition to any dish. They are much too delicate and would just end up as a mushy paste. Instead, it's best to use them whole as a beautiful garnish or crush them gently to release their complex aroma.

Dried pink peppercorns can be used in a variety of dishes, from savory to sweet. Crush them up to sprinkle on top of roasted vegetables, add them as a seasoning for grilled meats, or top them for a delicious and colorful finishing touch on your favorite dessert.

Where to buy Pink Peppercorns?

Looking to buy pink peppercorns? Look no further than buying peppercorns online! With just a few clicks, you can have these versatile and eye-catching berries delivered straight to your doorstep. Trust us, once you get your hands on these dried pink peppercorns, you'll be searching for every opportunity to sprinkle them on your dishes. So go ahead, buy pink peppercorns, and let your creativity in the kitchen soar!

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Pink Peppercorns

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