Madras Curry

Katherine Loffreto

Our Madras Curry Powder is going to blow, your, mind. This intense blend of coriander, turmeric, fennel, salt, cumin, fenugreek, caraway, and chili is complex, mesmerizing, and delicious. Curries – as a stewed dish, have been made in India for centuries. But the potent spice blend that we’ve come to know as Curry Powder has a much younger origin. The mixture is a commercially prepared mixture of spices first marketed in the west in the 18th Century. The blends were exported to Britain, by Indian merchants. It was a mixture similar to garam masala.  

Curry Powder itself actually has a very interesting and even controversial history. Contrary to popular belief, curry powder is not a staple ingredient in the Indian kitchen. This exotic spice was first invented for the British in the 19th century and while not as hot as some Indian spice blends, Madras Curry is considerably hotter than most western-style curry blends. The confusion likely stems from a popular Indian dish known as “curry”, which is made up of a spiced sauce alongside vegetables or meat, but almost never contains curry powder itself.

Because of its complexity and wide range of included spices, the Madras Curry Powder is the perfect spice blend have stocked and ready in your kitchen. Whether its simple snacks like spiced popcorn, nuts, or potato chips. The mixture is powerful enough to stand up to long cooking times in braises, stews, and traditional curries, but also delicate and complex enough to be sprinkled last minute as a finishing spice. Try using it to season raw meats before roasting or braising. Cuts like chicken thigh, lamb leg, or beef chuck roasts. It would make an incredible finishing spice on sea bass crudo or shrimp ceviche. Imagine the incredible color and flavor you’d get by blending it into a fresh hummus or yogurt dip. Tossing some root veggies like carrot, parsnip, and radish in Madras Curry Powder would infuse them with flavor and turn something ordinary into something extraordinary!

While the history of curry powder may be long and complicated, one thing isn’t – its uses in the kitchen! Grab some of our Madras Curry Powder today and begin exploring the flavor possibilities. You’ll soon find that it’s one of the easiest spice blends to introduce to all of your favorite recipes. Get cooking!

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