Pink Himalayan Salt

Katherine Loffreto

Imagine a salt that tastes as good as Fleur de Sel, with even more nutritional power, and a stunning color! You’d say that’s a perfect salt huh? You’d think a salt that wonderful couldn’t possibly exist huh!? Well guess what… it does! And its name is Pink Himalayan Salt! That’s right, this trendy topper is one of our most exciting offerings – here’s why…

Pink Himalayan Salt originates from the Kashmir region of India and the Punjab region of Pakistan. Its iron rich content lends this salt its pink color by means of oxidation. This high mineral content of this salt has made it a go-to for the healthy conscious. Local legend traces the discovery of the salt deposits to the army of Alexander the Great (around 300 BC) but the first records of mining are from the Janjua people in the 1200’s.

Chemically, Pink Himalayan Salt is similar to table salt and has been shown to contain between 96% and 99% sodium chloride. It’s the mineral impurities, more specifically magnesium, calcium, and potassium content that makes the salt its stunning pink color.

You can grind this beautiful stuff onto nearly everything, but we recommend grating it over some freshly sliced summer tomatoes, or hot buttered sweet corn. Because the crystals are too large to use as a finishing salt, they must be ground into a finer powder. This naturally lends itself well mixing into sauces and soups for that extra boost of flavor and minerality.

Whatever you choose to create, you can be sure that it’ll be getting a huge boost of flavor from our Pink Himalayan Salt – beautiful and history rich!

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