Large crunchy crystals of our best-selling Pyramid Salt are combined with a smoky sweet pepper spice creating a mouthwatering combination.

Its texture is very light, its taste is subtle, sweet, and refined, and it has an exceptional crisp.

This salt is the perfect touch for meats, grills, fish, salads, crudités... Grind it over a summery tomato soup or a fresh Caprese salad.

FLAVOR: Crunchy Salt crystals, Smoky Sweet Pepper

ORIGIN: Cyprus (Crafted in France)

PACKING SIZE: 1.76 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar)


What is Smoked Sweet Pepper Pyramid Salt?

Looking for a red pepper salt that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight? Look no further than Smoked Sweet Pepper Pyramid Salt! This crunchy, smoky sweet pepper spice is one of the best seasonings we've come across at Lafayette Spices. Trust us, we've tasted a lot of spices, but this one is a game-changer.

What makes this salt so unique? For starters, it's made with our famous pyramid salt, which comes all the way from Cyprus. This Mediterranean delight is a true work of art, with its unique shape and texture that adds a satisfying crunch to any dish.

But it's the addition of red pepper salt that really takes this salt to the next level. The smoky, sweet flavor of the peppers pairs perfectly with the salt, creating a flavor bomb that's simply irresistible. Sprinkle it on your favorite dishes for an instant burst of flavor.

How to make Smoked Salt?

Making this smoked salt at home is not easy. This isn't just any ordinary salt and pepper blend. This smoked salt and pepper is one of the most versatile salts available. Have you ever wondered how smoked salt and pepper came to be? Well, it all starts with the unique pyramid shape of the Pyramid Salt. 

The salt is created through an intriguing process of solar evaporation of seawater, where the water is directed into a sequence of shallow ponds or lagoons and then into large pans where it is gradually heated. The salt crystals gradually take shape into their pyramid form over time, and the process continues until the salt reaches a humidity level of 3%. This can take up to two years to complete, but the end result is well worth the wait.

After harvesting, the real magic happens. The salt is coated in smoked sweet peppers seasoning, creating a perfect pepper salt blend that's simply out of this world. The coating adheres to the crystals and is absorbed into crispy flakes, imparting a flavor that evokes the taste of freshly grilled sweet peppers - juicy and warm. It has smoky undertones with hints of fruity pepper and summertime ripeness. It's the perfect blend of salt and pepper to give any dish an extra kick.

Smoked Sweet Pepper Pyramid Salt Recipe

Not sure how to use this sweet pepper spice salt as seasoning? No problem – there are plenty of options! For meat lovers, this smoked sweet pepper salt would be the perfect addition to roasted lamb, beef, or venison. And for those who prefer something a little lighter, try it on roasted chicken or grilled pork chops.

But don't think this seasoning is just for meat eaters. Seafood lovers can get in on the fun too! Simply sprinkle some of these flavorful flakes over a piece of roasted salmon or cod, or even steam up some mussels and add a dash of smoked sweet pepper salt.

And let's not forget about the veggies! This smoky salt is the perfect addition to fresh summer tomatoes paired with creamy burrata cheese. Or try it on a salad of crisp butter lettuce, radishes, and herbs for an extra burst of flavor.

So whether you're a meat lover, seafood enthusiast, or veggie fanatic, this smoked sweet pepper pyramid salt recipe is sure to be a hit. Give it a try and take your taste buds on a flavor journey they won't soon forget!

Where to find Crunchy Salt Online?

Lafayette Spices has got you covered with smoked sweet pepper pyramid salt.

But where can you get your hands on this delicious seasoning? Fear not, my friend! You can easily buy pyramid salt online at the Lafayette Spices website. Simply head to our website and browse our selection of gourmet salts. You'll quickly find our smoked sweet pepper pyramid salt, as well as other tasty options like sweet salt and pepper and black pyramid salt.

Not sure if this is the right seasoning for you? Trust us, it is! The combination of Pyramid salt with smoked pepper spice makes for an irresistible flavor profile that will have your taste buds dancing with delight.

So don't wait any longer! If you're wondering where to find crunchy salt, Lafayette Spices is the answer. Order this pyramid salt today and add a burst of flavor to all your meals. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

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Smoked Sweet Pepper Pyramid Salt

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