Technically not a pepper at all, but rather the dried fruit of the evergreen tree Schinus Molle.

Surprisingly sweet and not spicy, the berries are tender and delicate - and should be eaten whole or coarsely crushed.

AROMA: Flavors range from sweet and fruity to notes of woods, juniper, and herbs.

ORIGIN: Madagascar

PACKING SIZE: 1.03 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar) 

(Pink Peppercorns Refill Product)


Ever had a peppercorn that wasn’t… peppery? No heat at all. Not even a spark. Would that be the same as a lion without its roar?  Or perhaps a trumpet without its iconic tinny blare? Maybe. Or maybe it’s something extraordinary, unique, and very very delicious. You see, these sweet peppercorns, they’re real. They exist. We’ve tasted them. And now we’re bringing them to you. Pink Peppercorns from Madagascar.

The sweet fruitiness of the Pink Pepper immediately lends itself well to dessert and pastry applications – particularly when red fruits are involved. Just imagine a few crushed berries folded in with freshly sliced strawberries and vanilla panna cotta – or a sprinkling of whole berries on a crème brulee with sugared raspberries. Heaven! Additionally, they make a great accompaniment to delicate seafood and vegetable dishes – preparations like ceviche and crudo, or perhaps some raw spring vegetables like asparagus or hearts of palm.

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