This is true Piper Nigrum hailing from Vietnam and Brazil.

The peppercorns are earthy, aromatic, and moderately spicy.

This fine grind is ideal for seasoning soups and sauces - and proteins that don't require long cooking times.

AROMA: Sharp, earthy, piney.

ORIGIN: Vietnam and Brazil

PACKING SIZE: 1.60 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar), 17.63 oz. (1000 ml Jar) or 5 pounds bag (lb.)


What are Black Ground Peppercorns?

Are you familiar with ground peppercorns? If you're a fan of bold, spicy flavor, you won't want to miss out on these little flavor powerhouses!

Ground black peppercorns come from the Piper Nigrum plant, and are sourced from Vietnam and Brazil to bring you the best of the best. These earthy and aromatic peppercorns are perfect for adding a spicy kick to all sorts of dishes.

Where is Black Pepper Grown?

When it comes to Black Peppercorns, there's no doubt that it's a spice that has captured the hearts of many. But where does black pepper come from? The answer is India, where it originated and was traded as a valuable commodity as early as 1000 BC. But as trade routes were established, pepper's popularity quickly spread, and it became an integral part of world cuisines.

Our Grinded Black Peppercorns originated from Vietnam and Brazil - two countries with ideal climates for producing high-quality peppercorn products. The hot and humid climate allows the peppercorns to develop a complex flavor profile that goes beyond just heat and spice. You can expect to taste woodsy and sharp piney notes, as well as hints of dried tropical fruits in our black pepper.

Our ground black peppercorns are perfect for seasoning soups, sauces, and proteins that don't require long cooking times. The fine grind makes it easy to distribute the flavor evenly throughout your dish, ensuring that every bite is packed with the signature earthy and moderately spicy flavor that black pepper is known for.

How to Grind Whole Black Peppercorns?

Grinding your own whole black peppercorns is easy and satisfying!

First things first, you need the right tool for the job. A pepper mill is a traditional way to grind peppercorns, but if you don't have one, don't fret! A mortar and pestle or even a coffee grinder (dedicated solely to spices) will do the trick.

Next, choose the best organic peppercorns you can find. Like our grinded black pepper from Vietnam and Brazil. The aroma and flavor will knock your socks off!

Once you have your tool and peppercorns, it's time to grind. For a pepper mill, adjust the grinder to your desired coarseness (fine for soups and sauces, coarse for steaks and roasts), and start cranking! If you're using a mortar and pestle, place a small amount of peppercorns in the mortar and crush it with the pestle in a circular motion until the desired consistency is reached. And if you're using a coffee grinder, pulse in short bursts until the peppercorns are ground to your liking.

Now that you have your freshly ground black pepper, the possibilities are endless! Sprinkle it on roasted vegetables, add it to marinades, use it to season meats and seafood, or simply enjoy it on your morning eggs. The flavor of freshly ground pepper is unbeatable. So go ahead, try it out, and see for yourself the difference between pre-ground and freshly ground pepper.

Buy the Best Organic Ground Black Peppercorns Online

Lafayette Spices premium quality ground black peppercorns originated from Vietnam and Brazil, ensuring that you get the most flavorful and aromatic product possible. We use only the highest quality organic peppercorns that are carefully selected and ground to perfection, resulting in a fine and consistent grind that will take your dishes to the next level.

Our ground black pepper is perfect for seasoning anything. It's easy to use and can be added at any point during the cooking process, making it a versatile spice that should be a staple in every kitchen.

What's more, our ground black peppercorns are organic and free of any harmful additives or preservatives. So you can enjoy the natural goodness and health benefits of this amazing spice without any worries. You can buy our Grinder separately for precise application. 

So buy our best organic ground black peppercorns online today and take your cooking to new heights!

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Black Peppercorns Ground

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