These have an aroma reminiscent of citrus fruits like blood orange and grapefruit.

Essential oils such as Z, e-citral, and citronella are also found in the Cumeo Berries and are responsible for the lemon flavor.

The fruity citrus notes of this pepper work perfectly with seafood applications.

AROMA: Lemon Balm, Citrus, Lemongrass. (this peppercorn is NOT Spicy)


PACKING SIZE: 1.54 oz. (100 ml Grinder Jar)

(Cumeo Tailed Peppercorns Refill Product)


Cumeo Tailed Peppercorns are rare and intriguing. Its delicate aroma has made it quickly become a popular spice amongst chefs and home cooks all over the world. The funny thing is, Cumeo doesn’t taste much like a peppercorn at all really. Instead, the peppercorn is full of aromatic floral notes like lemongrass, lemon balm, blood orange, and grapefruit. You’ll immediately notice how light and citrusy the smell is, similar to citronella, perhaps because the pepper naturally contains citronella, along with other essential oils.

Cumeo can also be used as a table pepper! Just put it in a pepper mill and season everything on your plate as you please! It is something special to put the Cumeo pepper, mixed with other pepper varieties, in a pepper mill. This way, you can combine different pepper aromas individually. The possibilities are truly endless. Enjoy creating unique culinary masterpieces with this delicious peppercorn!

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Cumeo Tailed Peppercorns - HOME COOK

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