Salt Kit

Salts are way more expansive than you’d ever imagine!!!

Katherine Loffreto

They can be harvested from almost all corners of the globe, and have a staggering range of appearances, textures, and flavors. Those differences couldn’t be more evident than in our new Salt Kit – a collection of 4 exotic salts, meant to spark creativity in your kitchen. Each comes from a different location, and has its own unique set of characteristics. The kit includes Pink Himalayan Salt, Cabernet Salt, Fleur de Sel, and Beechwood Smoked Salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt originates from the Kashmir region of India. Its iron rich content lends this salt its pink color by means of oxidation. This high mineral content of this salt has made it a go-to for the healthy conscious. You can grind it onto nearly everything, but we recommend grating it over some freshly sliced summer tomatoes, or hot buttered sweet corn. Because the crystals are too large to use as a finishing salt, they must be ground into a finer powder. This naturally lends itself well mixing into sauces and soups for that extra boost of flavor and minerality.


Cabernet Salt is an incredibly classy and delicious finishing salt. True French Guerande sea salt is soaked in rich cabernet wine, then dried – it’s an infusion that will really knock your socks off. Loads of intense wine flavor in every crystal - little flavor bombs! The bright purple tones of this exquisite salt pair beautifully with sliced red meats, roasted vegetables, and sweet ripe summer tomatoes.  


Fleur de Sel hails from the South of France, and is known as the caviar of salts. Exclusively hand-harvested from select salt marshes along the southern coast. The bright white crystals are a complex balance of sea flavors and briny minerality. It’s often considered the finest salt in the world. The beauty of this salt is in its neutral flavor profile. It can be used for both sweet and savory applications. Imagine a sprinkling over rich caramel sauce or a gooey brownie. Alternatively, it makes a fantastic finishing salt for sliced roasted meat and crispy skinned fish.


Beechwood Smoked Salt is made up of pure French Guerande sea salt that has been gently smoked over beechwood for 10 days. Alternatively, most other smoked salts are artificially sprayed with flavor. Because of the elongated processing technique, this salt has superior flavor and texture characteristics. This is an excellent way to add deep smoky flavor to meats and fish that otherwise wouldn’t have it.

 Salt Kit

However you choose to salt your food, the important thing is that you’re using a high quality salt that enhances the food you’re preparing – not distract from it. You can be certain that any salt from our Salt Kit is a surefire way to create an incredible masterpiece of a dish!

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