Lafayette Spices has some pretty exciting news!

Katherine Loffreto

We’ve expanded our already impressive portfolio of exotic salts to include eight new offerings. These are Lafayette Spices exclusives and the first time they’ve been made available to a US audience – see, told you it was exciting!

Exquisite Salts

The new line of salts has been painstakingly collected from all corners of the globe, and made available to the discerning home cook (and professional chef) through an easy to navigate online shop. The new offerings include a Smoked Sweet Pepper Pyramid Salt, Scandinavian Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt with Roses, Herbes de Provence Salt, Lemon Pyramid Salt, Blue Persian Salt, Celery Salt, and Espelette Pepper Salt. Each of these flavorful treats is perfectly suited for seasoning your holiday culinary masterpieces.

Herbes de Provence Salt


Not only are all these salts newly available, but they’re now being packed in convenient smaller packaging making it easier for home cooks to take advantage of them. Our entire line of salts is now being packed in 100ml jars, at ridiculously competitive pricing. Home cooks don’t need giant jugs of spices – they don’t have the room in their cabinet anyway. These smaller formats allows the creative home cook to grab a couple different products, at a great price, and have fun mixing and matching them with their dishes.

Espelette Pepper Salt

The entire line of exotic salts is available at Orders are shipped direct to consumer the next day. Lafayette Spices offers free shipping on orders over $100. The website has a plethora of additional information for each salt including origin, flavor profile, and pairing suggestions. Browsing through the shop feels like a trip around the world! Be sure to stop by and grab a few new salts for your holiday cooking adventures – your friends will be jealous (and impressed) that you were the first to get your hands on a brand new seasoning! Bon appetite!

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