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There’s a lot of new and exciting things happening over here at the greenhouse and we want to make sure we keep you chefs in the loop! 

Each peppercorn, sesame seed, salt and spice contains a flavor profile that make them truly unique and special. They may just be the missing piece to that perfect dish you’ve been working on. Since it is summer time, we want to tell you about four fruity peppercorns that will fit right in with your summer dishes and drinks.  

Sichuan Green Peppercorns

Our first peppercorn is our beloved Sichuan Green Peppercorn. Originating from China, this peppercorn carries unique qualities with its taste and smell. Upon smelling a Sichuan peppercorn, you’ll immediately notice the citrus, lime like smell that comes from it. The amazing citrus profile is what makes it so good on dishes that need some extra zest. The quality that really makes this peppercorn stand out is it incredible taste. When you first try one, you’ll get a citrus flavor, followed by a light tingling in your mouth. There’s no need to feel alarmed about your mouth going slightly numb, that’s what it’s supposed to do! This peppercorn offers an exciting and different experience to whatever it’s used on. There’s a lot of very interesting dishes you can do with a peppercorn that buzzes, and you’ll find yourself coming up with crazy and eccentric ideas right away.

Timut Peppercorn

Our next peppercorn has similarities to the Sichuan Green due to the buzzing feeling you’ll get upon tasting. Our Timut peppercorn, which is found in Nepal, carries strong notes of grapefruit and even tickles your nose when you smell it. Both the Sichuan and Timut peppercorns come from the Zanthoxylum family, which gives both of these spices that crazy, tongue tingling sensation. Using it will bring an amazing citrus element to any of your dishes. Sprinkle this peppercorn on your fresh fish dishes and you’ll amaze your guests with this unique sensation and flavor.

Kampot Red Peppercorns

Peppercorns can completely change flavors depending on how long you let them grow for. Our Kampot Red Peppercorn is the perfect example. At its first stage of growth, it will be fruity, floral and moderately spicy. At full growth, the peppercorn looks and tastes completely different then its earlier stage. The Kampot Long Red Peppercorn has hints of cinnamon, clove, and is pretty spicy. It pairs best with sautéed fruits such as mango or pineapple, or even sprinkled on a salad!


Cumeo Tailed Peppercorns

Our last, but certainly not least peppercorn is our Cumeo Tailed Peppercorn. You’ll notice how light and citrusy the smell is, similar to citronella. While it does contain ecitronella oil, it also brings hints of lemon balm. This amazing peppercorn packs quite the citrus flavor and is suggested to be paired with a lemon dessert, drink, or anything that you’d like to make zesty.

 All of our peppercorns are truly incredible in their own individual ways, and these are just a few that we think you’ll love. We can guarantee not only flavor but quality with all of our products, and know you’ll find yourself thinking of new ideas with these bottles of inspiration, aka- our peppercorns.

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